Sunday, October 21, 2018

Lutris 0.4.21 has been released

Lutris helps you install and play video games from all eras and from most gaming systems. By leveraging and combining existing emulators, engine re-implementations and compatibility layers, it gives you a central interface to launch all your games.

The client can connect with existing services like Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam to make your game libraries easily available. Game downloads and installations are automated and can be modified through user made scripts.

Download this version of Lutris from here.

Changelog :

  • Added an Esync toggle for wine builds with esync patches and a check for limits if the toggle was activated.
  • Added a warning for wine games if wine is not installed on the system (to avoid issues with dependencies).
  • Added a check for Vulkan loaders when using DXVK (forbids from launching the game if it can't detect them)
  • Added check for the presence of executable after the installation finished.
  • Added an option to sort installed games first
  • Added a discouraging warning if Lutris was launched as root.
  • Added a "--version" command line option.
  • Added an error message if requested DXVK version does not exist.
  • Improved behavior of Lutris' background process.
  • Improved UI when changing game's identifier.
  • Wine's own Virtual Desktop configuration is now respected.
  • Merge command now has a 'copy' alias.
  • Executable selection how has a text field.
  • Blacklisted Proton and SteamWorks from showing up as games.
  • Sidebar now shows number of installed games per runner and platform.
  • Visual improvements to wine download dialog
  • Fixed an issue when DXVK versions didn't get updated if dxvk directory wasn't present.
  • Fixed an issue when the watcher would sync Steam games even if the feature was disabled.
  • Fixed missing warning for existing prefix during installation process if the path contained "~".
  • Prevent Steam games from being synced from the AppManifest watcher if Steam sync if off
  • Games load properly when launching Lutris for the first time
  • Minor improvements to wording in some menus.

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