Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hope on the Horizon for Android Games as CodeWeavers Reveals a Technology Preview for CrossOver Android

CodeWeavers is planning on releasing a technology preview for CrossOver Android sometime this summer. This will give YOU the opportunity to try it out and make suggestions as to how we can improve the CrossOver Android experience and what Windows games and software we should focus our efforts in supporting. Much like CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux, our users will have a voice in the direction of the product. And even more so than CrossOver for Mac and CrossOver for Linux, we believe that this type of technology is incredibly compelling considering that you can't run Microsoft Windows on an Android tablet – at all.

With more focus on making Windows games portable on Android devices, it's possible that a whole new game experience is coming in the not so distant future. Games with depth and real AI and multiplayer functionality that create real excitement for gamers. I'm excited to see the next evolution of gaming. But hey if that doesn't work, we will always be able to fling disgruntled birds.

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