Monday, March 16, 2015

CodeWeavers CrossOver 14.1.0 ChangeLog

CodeWeavers recently released CrossOver 14.0.3 for Linux and Mac. Gaming performance continues to advance with this release. The full change log is provided below.

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 14.1.0 CrossOver - March 16, 2015
  • Application Support:
    • It is again possible to install .Net 3.5.
    • Fixed a hang when using ATOK, a third-party Japanese input method.
    • The Equation Editor menu bar in Word 2003 and Word 97 now works.
    • The Equation Editor in Word 2003 will no longer freeze after multiple launches.
    • Typing a URL into an outgoing email in Outlook 2003 now automatically generates a clickable hyperlink.
    • Changing fonts in Outlook 2003 is now possible.
    • Improved behavior of CrossOver's built-in web browser in certain web-sites.
    • Fixed a crash when displaying certain characters with Uniscribe in Outlook 2010.
  • Mac OS X:
    • Fixed a bug which caused application launchers to disappear when a bottle was renamed.
    • Fixed a problem which made it difficult to change the window size for a maximized window (Quicken was among the impacted applications).
  • Linux:
    • Updated package dependencies to allow installation on Ubuntu
    • Optimized the CrossOver Software Installer for faster startup times in many cases.
    • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused CrossOver to fail to open links in native web browsers.
    • Added a new option, --destdir, to various internal CrossOver command line tools. This may make package generation for Gentoo Linux easier.
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