Friday, February 24, 2012

CodeWeavers CrossOverNow 30% off sale to end this Sunday

CodeWeavers CrossOverNow 30% off sale will end this Sunday, so this is the time to get a discount while it's still available. CrossOver enables you to install Windows applications and games on Intel-based Macs and Linux. CodeWeavers also has unsupported builds for FreeBSD and Solaris. To get the FreeBSD or Solaris build you will need to buy a Linux license and then go to your downloads and select the unsupported tab.

Update 04/06/2023 : The CrossOverNow dealcode has expired, you can now use "TOM23" as your dealcode and save 20% off CrossOver. 

If you need to run Microsoft Outlook or Quicken on Linux or Mac CrossOver is your path to doing this without the need to reboot or run Microsoft Windows in a Virtual Machine. CrossOver Games has support for many of today's most popular 3D games, so when your not working you can play your favorite Game on your Operating System of choice.

To take advantage of this sale just enter TOM23 in the dealcode section of CodeWeavers store and then update your purchase and you will see your 20% discount.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

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