Monday, March 30, 2009

CrossOver Games you can play Windows Games on GNU Linux

WINE (acronym of Windows Is Not Emulated) is a software whose objective is that one to make to turn Windows programs in GNU/Linux atmosphere without no emulazione, but “intercepting” the calls that the program makes to the operating system (Microsoft Windows) and transforming them in relative the GNU/Linux. Therefore up we have a program that it believes of being on the system of Redmond house, low the operating system GNU/Linux and to the center this river system () construction of the BEES (Application Programming Interface), WINE exactly, than ago they give through between the program and GNU/Linux. Own on WINE is based CrossOver Games, a package concurs that us to play with tito them Windows also on GNU/Linux. We see like using it.

WINE is a program sponsored from famous the CodeWeavers society for the program CrossOver Office. Of recent it has been released a new “member” CrossOver who, naturally, ago always use like motor of plan WINE; this ulterior member calls CrossOver Games with the clear attempt to dedicate itself, besides the ambient office, also to the field of the videogiochi.

Based naturally on WINE, CrossOver Games, like its analogous CrossOver Office, it can be tried for a week unloading, previa compilation of this form, the version trial (approximately 27MB). The purchase, in the event to us thought itself satisfied of the product, can itself be made directly via web to a price of €37.

After to have unloaded the rows, we open a shell and we render it eseguibile with the commando;
chmod +x
we launch and it;
After a phase of verification of integrity of the archives, we will have to accept the license.

To this point we will indicate the installation distance and we will start the installation.

Being specific for the videoludico field, it could not classifies certainly lack it of the games on the “quality” of the support. To this address we will be able to find the directory of the games and the relative support. Being an exited new us working cannot be waited for that the directory turns out complete and all.

We try the installation of the version demo of Half Life 2 tito it, this, with “silver medal” in the support. Of CrossOver Games, once installed, we can find of the correspondent voice in the system menu.

We choose the voice Installs Windows software and in the successive window we choose the game to install between those in directory; naturally the members necessary will have themselves to be installed also to make to work the game (as an example in Microsoft Windows atmosphere typically are necessary the DirectX). Carried out the choices can itself be gone ahead cliccando on the Succ push-button...

In the successive window we indicate the lease for the rows exe launch; clicchiamo on He leaf through if we have rows on hard disk as in the event of ours demo or we select the relative voice to the optical reader.

To this point a series of typical windows of the installation of the programs in Windows atmosphere will leave.

Al term of the installation will leave the game and the eventual associate applicativi.

Still there is much road to make for this new product and on the fact that cannot, the moment, to compete with an other product of the field ludico and based newly on WINE. For this last support on beyond 300 it is tito them, while for CrossOver Games the official number is gone around on twenty or so tito them, but we are sure that if will have a sure reply as program, the number of the titles supported them will not be able that to increase in the successive versions.

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