Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time for a vacation

This coming Wednesday ill be leaving for a three week vacation to the Philippines. My wife you see is from Mindanao and her family owns a banana plantation on the island of Camiguin. Camiguin is a small island province of the Philippines off the northern coast of Mindanao. Camiguin is a extremely nice place but we only plan to spend a couple days there and the majority of our time on the main island of Mindanao.

Her family also owns a farm up in the mountains... (whoo hooo cool air) we plan to spend a couple days at the farm and just relax and pet the animals... Last year we spent most of our time in Cagayan de Oro (CDO) a coastal city in northern Mindanao and I literally baked as its about 85 degrees at night and in the 90's during the day. While there we also plan a small trip to Cebu and while in Cebu I plan to meet up with Clintcan at SM for lunch and a chat.
But don't worry, Christoff, Clintcan, Gon, Ivan and Trochej will still be posting about the world of Wine. While away i'll try to check in and moderate the comments at least a couple times a week... so if you send a comment to a post keep in mind it might take it a little longer then usual to get posted.
When I get back home ill do the second part of the benchmarks between CX-Games and Wine.. :D

Oh, here is a couple photos taken from Camiguin, just in case you wonder what the place looks like.


DARG said...

I can't believed I missed this post. Sir, wow. Gosh. sayang - meaning too bad. Darn. Well, Mindanao is about 10+ hours from here and I went over and talked to you - you would not be having a vacation then! My, Internet time is really fast...

twickline said...

Hello Danny,

Ive not left yet :D I leave tomorrow April 9th, ill be in CDO until the 30th if you want to send me a e-mail : twickline-at-gmail-com and ill send you my wife's cell number and if possible we can meet and chat..

Daniel Holm said...

Have a really great time! Your worth it after all the grat work and guides you've made here.