Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PlayOnLinux 2.1.0 at last !

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Phobos said...

great release! hehe

I said this on the forums too (, but there's another tool for WINE, also based on bash scripts, that could be integrated into POL... I'm talking about Winefix (, that (from the link) solves:

#1 - Applications breaking when not run from their base directory.
#2 - Wine's finicky handling of links (symlinks) to executables.
#3 - Desktop panels overlapping the screen of fullscreen applications when Wine is used with Compiz or Beryl, and other weirdness. => when the executable is run, it starts another windows manager (metacity, etc) and when the exec is closed, it opens compiz again
#4 - Choppy performance, or stuttering sound.
#5 - Applications changing the desktop resolution - and not changing it back.
#6 - The mysterious .lnk shortcuts and .msi extensions
#7 - If a program crashes, and wasn't executed from a terminal, no indication is given as to why.
#8 - AppDB integration!

I find that POL can use most if not all of these things to further increase performance of apps in WINE... I use both POL and Winefix under Ubuntu but, can these things be better integrated somehow?