Thursday, January 24, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 Install on Linux with Wine

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Unknown said...

This is really cool. Office 2007 has been the only thing holding me back from installing Linux on my work PC. Evolution doesn't work with Exchange Server 2007, so I need Outlook. I really like Office 2007 over the previous versions as well as some of the free versions, such as OpenOffice, StarOffice, etc... I am eagerly awaiting the HOWTO. Thanks for your hard work.

chorpler said...

This is incredibly cool. I've been trying to decide what kind of Asus Eee to get, because I figured I'd need to install Windows XP on it in order to use Word 2007 (which has pulled me in despite the scary new interface with its astonishingly great equation editor) but now it seems I'll be able to get away with running it under Linux. Do you think it will run decently on the Eee, with a 900Mhz CPU?

twickline said...

Hello chorpler,

I would get all the RAM it supports. The install, well I installed everything takes up 1.6GB of HD space.

Anonymous said...

amazing work!

Anonymous said...

The question would be... when? Nah just kidding... This is like one of the turning points where people get stuck on trying to flip the linux switch on for good.

Many of my friends are like "if it doesn't run O2k7 or Adobe Lightroom, then nooo way ", so then it's cool to hear that someone got it working (because it will eventually be working on our side too). Don't rush it, we've got plenty of time...

By the way, thanks for all the other posts, my Toshiba is now free from Vista but still can use it's O2k3 and it's PS CS!!!

Anonymous said...

So hey ho.

I'm lovin´ your blog.
Thats pretty nice, what you do with wine on Linux. So there is no must in future, to have a Windows on PC.

But, what is about the reproducable guide. I'm heavy waitin' for it.


Fredy said...

Did you also test Ms office with wine after installation, I ve tried before but it didn't seem very stable at the time.

The day that Ms office would be runing(without crashing all the time) on Linux would be the begining of the end for MS operating system....