Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bordeaux 2010 year end roadmap

I thought this would once again be a good time for us to share our next six months outlook for Bordeaux. Maybe I should start with whats taken place over the past few months then go over our future goals.

Over the past six months it has been extremely exciting times around here once again, we shipped Bordeaux for MAC users and now MAC users can run Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer 7 and many other Windows applications on their beloved MAC Computers. So, now its easy and inexpensive for MAC users to run Microsoft Windows Applications and Games without having to run bootcamp and a full version of Windows.

We also refreshed Bordeaux for BSD and Linux five times this year, and added support for Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari, Google SketchUp, VLC Multimedia player and updated to the latest IrfanView release. Bundled Wine 1.2.0, added support for Pulse Audio, updated and cleaned up our custom winetricks script and we also fixed a number of bugs and tweaked the install scripts for cleaner installs.

We are currently running a donations promotion, where we will give fifty percent of all sales back to the Wine and FreeBSD community's. For more information of the fifty perfect give back promotion please take a look here.

In the next few months, we plan to ship Bordeaux 3.0.0 and this is where 99% of our work will be focused. In the past Bordeaux was a run of the mill "Wine front end" and while their is nothing wrong with being just a front end to Wine this approach causes massive head aches. Wine is released every two weeks and over just a couple months their are numerous versions that need to be supported. Some people stick with the old stable Wine 1.0.1 version that came with their distribution while others install the latest version just after each release. And if you have used Wine for more then a month you know that what worked in one release isnt guaranteed to work in the next release.

So it came to the point to where we needed to also Bundle Wine with Bordeaux. And as of our 2.0.0 release we now bundle our own Wine build with each release. This allows us to focus on one version and test all of our supported applications against it. And now we don't have to worry about the next Wine release breaking a application or feature. This move has also opened up the availability for us to add in hacks and tweaks so certain applications and games run, or in some circumstances run allot better then with just plain stock Wine.

We have also included a number of hacks and fixes in our Wine build, some of the hacks include the unsupported DIB Engine. We know its not perfect but it allows our customers to use it if needed. We have also built in Pulse Audio support for the Linux release, added a memory hack to the BSD build and many other small hacks that were not possible before. In the near future we will be able to support IE 8, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 2010, and much much more.

Now that the Wine bundle is complete and all of our current supported applications run we plan to re-write the front end and make it extremely simple to install any application or game through the new UI. The new Bordeaux User Interface is next on our todo list and our plans are to ship Bordeaux 3.0.0 by early 2011. We will also be adding some new features to our Cellar manager, these changes will make it possible to add a new cellar and configure a cellar more easily, the new Cellar manager changes will be released in a upcoming 2.2.0 release. As soon as the main UI is complete we will ship Bordeaux 3.0.0 for Linux, FreeBSD, PC-BSD and MAC.

Here is a screen shot of a mockup Bordeaux 3.0.0 UI

After the new front end is complete we also plan to have our own application and game database and then tie it into the UI so you can instantly see what other peoples success are with any given application.

Here is a recent screen shot of Pulse Audio working in Bordeaux on Linux.

Bordeaux 2.0.8 on Mac OSX 10.6

Bordeaux 2.0.8 on Free and PC-BSD

If Bordeaux is something your interested in we would ask that you purchase the current 2.0.8 release to help fund future releases. All of the above changes take one of two things time or money. And with your support we can invest in more hacking hours and have Bordeaux 3.0.0 ready for release in just a couple short months.

Keep in mind if you make the purchase now you get six months of upgrades, so you will also get version 3.0.0 and any service releases.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crossover Bordeaux Cedega VS Vanilla Wine

A question I have fielded more then a couple times in the Wine section of the Ubuntu Forums is

What is the difference between commercial Wine products and vanilla Wine?

There are three main commercial Wine products: Bordeaux, Cedega, and Crossover. There are a few distinct differences between the commercial Wine products and the FOSS Wine.

One of the largest benefits to using a paid for Wine product is that not only are you paying for software, you are also paying for support of said software. What this means is that if an application that is suppose to function, doesn't work properly - You will have a real live person to help you debug the issue. While support for Cedega is somewhat lacking, Bordeaux and Crossover have fantastic support staff.

GUI/Automated Installer:
All three of the commercial Wine applications provide a GUI/automated installer for installing applications. This makes it much easier for new users (and faster for experienced users) to configure applications properly under Wine. Time is money as they say.

Read the Full Article Here.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bordeaux 2.0.8 for Mac Released

The Bordeaux Technology Group released Bordeaux 2.0.8 for Mac today. Bordeaux 2.0.8 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of small bugs. With this release we have updated firefox to 3.6.8, added support for Google SketchUp 7.1, added support for VLC media player, bundle Wine 1.2, Support for Irfanview 4.27 and plugins, updated to the most current winetricks release, More fixes to the Bordeaux UI, there has also been many small bug fixes in this release.
With version 2.0.8 and onward we bundle our own Wine build and many tools and libraries that Wine depends upon. With this release we bundle Wine 1.1.41, Cabextract, Mozilla Gecko, Unzip, Wget and other support libraries and tools.

The cost of Bordeaux 2.0.8 for Mac is $25.00. Anyone who has purchased Bordeaux in the past six months is entitled to a free upgrade. Bordeaux comes with six months of upgrades and support and of course a 30-day money back guarantee.
Please read our Mac readme file before you use Bordeaux.
  • Intel Apple Mac (Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air)
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard OS-X 10.6 or later is required to install this package.
  • Gtk-Framework-2.14 2.14 Download
2.0.8 application support :
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt)
  • Microsoft Office 2000 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt)
  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Microsoft Project 2003
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  • Mozilla FireFox 3.6.8
  • VLC 1.1.0
  • Google SketchUp 7.1
  • IrfanView 4.27 and plugins
2.0.8 New Features :
  • Updated to Wine version 1.2
  • Better support for IE 7
  • Even more fixes to .app Bundle support
  • Firefox 3.6.8 support
  • Added Google SketchUp 7.1 Support
  • Added VLC Multimedia Player Support
  • Fixed allot of bugs in the Bordeaux UI
  • Synced to newest winetricks release
  • Many other small bug fixes
Some recent Screenshots :
Bordeaux User Interface on OS-X Snow Leopard.

Bordeax Starting the Internet Explorer 7 Install.

Internet Explorer 7 running on OS-X Snow Leopard.

Microsoft Office 2003 Install.

Microsoft Office 2003 Install has Completed.

Microsoft Word 2003 on OS-X Snow Leopard.

Microsoft Excel 2003 on OS-X Snow Leopard.

About Bordeaux:

The Bordeaux Technology Group is a software services and development company specializing in Windows compatibility software. Users of Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris and Mac systems from time to time find themselves in the need to run specialized Windows software. The Bordeaux suite enables access to these programs and data in a seamless and low cost manner without requiring licensing of Microsoft Technology. The Bordeaux Group also provides migration services and support for alternative operating systems specializing in Windows compatibility.
There is a multitude of software developed only for the Windows operating system and even when software vendors port their applications to another platform, generally it lacks features that the Windows version contains. The only solution these developers face is to have access to both systems for testing which leads to increased infrastructure demands, and wasted project resources. If you are vendor interested in supporting your application on Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris or Mac OS X or a software user that needs to run a Windows application on Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris or Mac OS X we can help.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Thursday, September 2, 2010

CodeWeavers open invitation to Wine-Doors and other closed projects users

A couple weeks back I noticed the Wine-Doors project was down and on their front page they have a message "Very very broken and I don't have time to fix it" So what should users who have been using Wine-Doors, or any of the other closed projects do in the future to configure and run their favorite Windows Applications and Games on Linux or Mac?

One option is to use Vanilla Wine from winehq and configure and set everything up yourself. This takes some knowledge of how Wine works and some time to test each small change to see if its helping or hurting your Application or Games. You will also need to be familiar with running regedit and editing the user and system registry in Wine.

Another option that is allot easier for end users and business is to move to CodeWeavers CrossOver for Linux and Mac. Wine-Reviews and CodeWeavers would like at this time to invite all of the past Wine-Doors users to try CrossOver Pro or Games and receive a instant 20% discount off any purchase. To receive the 20% discount just enter "TOM23" as your special dealcode when you purchase CrossOver.

This invitation is also for anyone who has used Wine Tools, Xwine, WineBot, Transgaming Cedega or any other Wine Configuration Tool in the past.

When you become a CrossOver customer you become a member of a large community of Wine users who share the same interest. CodeWeavers have setup user forums for every application and game in their compatibility center, this way you can have discussions about the application thats most relevant to you. You can Vote for your favorite application and also make a monetary Pledge for any application in the compatibility center. You can also become a Advocate for your favorite applications and games and help test the status with each new CrossOver release. Advocates also have the ability to download and test nightly builds of CrossOver for Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

You can also sign up to become a beta tester of upcoming releases and be one of the first people to test and use any of the new features in a upcoming CrossOver release.

CodeWeavers C4P technology allows over 300 Windows applications to be installed on your Mac or Linux PC with a single click of your mouse. If you have CrossOver installed, and the Windows installer for your software, you can simply click the  button in the Compatibility Database, and CrossOver will automatically install your application for you!

You can also write and submit your own C4P script for any application that you use. This will allow other people who use the same application to easily install and run the application with a single click. With more people voting and pledging and using a application the more likely the application will be supported in future releases.

So to sum everything up, we here and Wine-Reviews and CodeWeavers want to invite you to become a member of the CrossOver comminity where you can interact with people who have the same interest and needs as you do. As a CodeWeavers customer you can join in any of the forums, vote on applications and games, make a pledge for your favorite application or game. And you can become a Advocate as well as a Beta tester of future releases. CrossOver is built around a community of people with the same interest and needs, and your invited to join this exciting community.

I should also mention that CodeWeavers has support that exceeds industry standards. Level 1 Support inquires are followed upon with in twenty four hours, and in many cases within only a couple hours during regular business hours. So if you should encounter any problems their dedicated and professional support crew is ready to help you resolve the issue in a timely manner.

About CodeWeavers
Founded in 1996 as a general software consultancy, CodeWeavers focuses on the development of Wine – the core technology found in all of its CrossOver products. The company's goal is to bring expanded market opportunities for Windows software developers by making it easier, faster and more painless to port Windows software to Linux. CodeWeavers is recognized as a leader in open-source Windows porting technology, and maintains development offices in Minnesota, the United Kingdom and elsewhere around the world. The company is privately held. For more information about CodeWeavers, log on to