Friday, February 26, 2021

Wine development release 6.3 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 6.3 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Better debugger support in the NT syscall interface.
  • WineGStreamer library converted to PE.
  • Still more WinRT support in WIDL.
  • Optional support for build IDs.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 6.3 (total 24):

   3591  py2exe needs partial imagehlp.BindImageEx implementation
  17184  Achieve Planner 1.9.0 (.NET 1.1 app) requires explicit native override of mscoree.dll or mscoree.dll.StrongNameSignatureVerificationEx faking success
  21234  Monopoly Deluxe (Zylom Games) v1.0 installer crash at the end of the installation
  32742  Logos 4.x-9.x Bible software web-installer fails download files via BITS (client registered job notification callback not called)
  35637  Seagate Crystal Enterprise 8.0: 'inputfileserver.exe' service needs msvcirt.dll.??0fstream@@QAE@XZ
  40748  32-bit iTunes Unusable UI
  44629  Process Hacker can't enumerate handles [needs NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemExtendedHandleInformation)]
  45132  CommonObjects tool (.NET app) from Google sandbox-attacksurface-analysis-tools v1.1.x needs 'ntdll.NtQuerySystemInformation' to support 'SystemExtendedHandleInformation'
  45374  Yet Another Process Monitor (.NET 2.0 app) reports System.AccessViolationException ('ntdll.NtQueryObject' needs to support 'ObjectTypesInformation' info class)
  46238  Cxbx crashes on unimplemented function vcomp140.dll.C2VectParallel
  46962  Macromedia Director Player 4.x based games (16-bit NE) fail to run: "This program requires at least 4MB free memory to run." (The Rock)
  47507  Regression: can't return to full-screen Civilization IV BTS window after Alt+Tab-ing to desktop since wine 4.10
  48618  Multiple applications show black client area on startup ( Game Center, Electron based apps)('--disable-gpu' command line parameter is a workaround)
  49689  WRC 4 crashes on loading a race (needs IXACT3EngineImpl_PrepareWave implementation)
  50150  ODBC applications fail to create DSNs due to 'odbccp32.SQLWriteDSNToIni' stub
  50581  Far Manager v3.0: cursor position is off by one
  50620  Multiple applications crash due to DHTMLEdit 'IOleObject::GetMiscStatus' stub (Atomic Mail Sender 4.25, RSSeditor 0.9.54, High Impact eMail 5)
  50652  Steam enters endless restarting cycle after launching any game
  50653  Wine fails to build with clang-10.0 as a crosscompiler
  50670  wineg++ cannot compile programs using shobjidl.h as of Wine 6.2
  50672  .toString() implementation VT_CY behaves as if .toLocaleString() was used
  50701  Multiple 32-bit ARM Thumb-2 applications cause loader to output warnings during relocation processing (Miranda, Notepad2)
  50713  Commit a8856381ed9 ("ntdll: Use xsavec in x86_64 syscall dispatcher.") breaks 64-bit Wine (wine-6.2-264-ga8856381ed9)
  50723  Can't recognize ... as an internal or external command, or batch script

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