Monday, December 14, 2020

vkd3d-proton version 2.1 has been released

VKD3D-Proton is a fork of VKD3D, which aims to implement the full Direct3D 12 API on top of Vulkan. The project serves as the development effort for Direct3D 12 support in Proton.


This release fixes various bugs (mostly workarounds) and improves GPU-bound performance.

New games added to "expected to work" list:

  • The Division (was working already in 2.0, but missing from list)
  • AC: Valhalla (*)

(*): Game requires full D3D12 sparse texture support to work.
Currently only works on NVIDIA drivers.
RADV status remains unknown until support for this feature lands in Mesa.

New games added to "kinda works, but expect a lot of jank" list:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 (**)

(**): Currently only runs correctly on AMD hardware with RADV and VK_VALVE_mutable_descriptor_type.
As of game version 1.03, this requires the latest Mesa Git build.
The game has some fatal bugs where it relies on undefined behavior with descriptor management
which this extension works around by accident.
The game will start and run on NVIDIA, but just like what happens without the extension on AMD,
the GPU will randomly hang, making the game effectively unplayable.
A game update to fix this bug would likely make the game playable on NVIDIA as well.
Game version 1.04 changed some behavior, and support for this game will likely fluctuate over time as future patches come in.

Bug fixes and workarounds:

  • Fix various implementation bugs which caused AC: Valhalla to not work.
  • Work around game bug in Death Stranding where accessing map could cause corrupt rendering.
    (Several games appear to have the same kind of application bug.)
  • Fix corrupt textures in Horizon Zero Dawn benchmark.
  • Fix SM 6.0 wave-op detection for Horizon Zero Dawn and DIRT 5.
  • Work around GPU hangs in certain situations where games do not use D3D12 correctly,
    but native D3D12 drivers just render wrong results rather than hang the system.
  • Fix invalid SPIR-V generated by FP64 code.
  • Fix crash with minimized windows in certain cases.


  • ~15% GPU-bound uplift in Ghostrunner. Might help UE4 titles in general.
  • Slightly improve GPU bound performance when fully GPU bound on both AMD and NVIDIA.
  • Slightly improve GPU bound performance on RADV in various titles.
  • Reduce multi-threaded CPU overhead for certain D3D12 API usage patterns.
  • Add support for VK_VALVE_mutable_descriptor_type which
    improves CPU overhead, memory bloat, and avoids potential memory management thrashing on RADV.
    Also avoids GPU hangs in certain situations where games misuse the D3D12 API.


  • Implement DXGI_PRESENT_TEST.
  • Fix log spam when DXGI_PRESENT_ALLOW_TEARING is used.

Link to source code

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