Friday, November 15, 2019

Wine development release 4.20 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 4.20 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • New version of the Mono engine with an FNA update.
  • Code persistence in VBScript and JScript.
  • Vulkan spec updates.
  • Improved support for LLVM MinGW.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 4.20 (total 37):

  10728  LEGO Island character models are textureless
  13499  The Odyssey: Winds Of Athena: access violation when trying to run
  16644  SimGolf v1.03 does not render terrain
  16808  Password Safe crashes with page fault when renaming entries
  19667  Demo for Total Annihilation: mouse scrolling of screen unworkable.
  24529  TSDoctor 1.0.58 fails to run
  33498  Multiple application installers need setupapi.SetupDiCallClassInstaller implementation (USB over Network 5, Microsoft Windows CE Platform Manager 4.0/sub-installer of Embedded VC++ 4.0)
  34723  Resident Evil 3: changing settings during the game (in fullscreen mode) results in a crash
  35821  wPrime 2.x (VB6 app) reports 'Run-time error 445: Object doesn't support this action' (needs ITextStream ReadLine method implementation)
  35925  Age of Wonders III (version <1.5) has graphical issues (fbo bailing out on context_set_gl_context)
  36431  valgrind shows a possible leak in shell32/tests/ebrowser.c
  36538  Livestream Procaster needs D3D10CompileEffectFromMemory
  38070  Multiple application installers need vbscript:Global_Replace implementation in VBScript custom actions (GEOVIA Surpac 6.x, Hog4PC 3.x)
  40442  Unexplained new random comctl32:header failure (cross-compiler issue?)
  40950  ProgramFiles(x86) environment variable is not created
  41106  Multiple games crash at launch without native .NET 4.0 (Lethe - Episode One, A Story About My Uncle)
  41119  vbscript fails to parse 'createobject("").run' statement
  44975  Multiple applications need 'find.exe' command line tool with functionality to search for string pattern from stdin (ConEmu)
  45031  HotS - taking screenshot causes client crash, needs d3dx11_42.dll.D3DX11SaveTextureToFileW
  46417  Abiword 2.6.8 comboboxes should have a white background color
  46578  IVMU Social Network Client (500 series) crashes when selecting menu / settings
  46683  TopoEdit crashes with unimplemented function mf.dll.MFCreateVideoRendererActivate
  47305  Notepad doesn't adjust caret and scroll position properly
  47349  TesModManager require SetFileInformationByHandle with FileBasicInfo to properly set file timestamps
  47807  Wine Mono fails to install fakedlls in a new 64-bit prefix
  47815  Virtual desktop is missing window decorations
  47821  gcin cannot input chinese characters
  47876  mmdevapi:capture issues an invalid and fake todo
  47885  games are now restricted to resolutions not bigger than the virtual desktop
  47945  dinput:mouse regression on Wine
  47947  wine control freezes on exit
  47954  Bug in unicode path handling
  47958  Mi PC Suite: It won't install (call to unimplemented function propsys.dll.PSCreatePropertyStoreFromObject)
  48017  Winlink needs httpapi.dll.HttpReceiveRequestEntityBody() when using native .NET
  48019  SSE register MXCSR is wrong for new threads
  48067  Epic Games Launcher no longer installs
  48076  compile error: ucrtbase: ‘for’ loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 mode

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