Friday, October 18, 2019

Wine development release 4.18 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 4.18 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Many new VBScript functions.
  • A number of cleanups and improvements in Quartz.
  • Fixes for several test failures.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 4.18 (total 38):

  10440  Lego Island 2 has black screen at start (audio but no video, application window loses focus to quartz video window)
  24983  Multiple applications need support for DXTn texture compression in D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory() (Space Rangers 2, Memento Mori, fr-043)
  25486  Lego Stunt Rally: 3d scene is black
  32174  Applicaton crashes after paste of the clipboard
  33848  InstallShield fails to install any files on NTFS / FAT32 partitions, while others can...
  35223  King's Bounty Crossworlds crashes in the new campaign when entering the sea tower on the first island
  35585  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 demo endless loading screen without native d3dx9_36 (support for scaling of DXTn textures in d3dx9 missing)
  37883  RebelBetting (.NET 4.5 app) fails to load with Wine-Mono
  38940  RebelBetting 6.x (.NET 4.5 app) crashes on exit (ole32.Context_CC_ContextCallback too stubby)
  40740  Broken Sword: The Angel of Death demo needs IDirectSoundFXI3DL2Reverb interface
  41936  The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - menus and subtitles rendered incorrectly (with built-in d3dx9)
  42979  Age of Empires hangs for several seconds between screens when CSMT is enabled
  43497  Grandia II Anniversary Edition - Black screen
  44540  Imperium GBR close unexpectly with native quartz.dll (DirectX9 Feb 2010 redist) and dsound.dll
  46279  Multiple applications need msvcr120.dll.?_Yield@_Context@details@Concurrency@@SAXXZ (Darkest Dungeon, Noita, Amazon Kindle for PC)
  46560  Smoke not rendering properly in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
  47192  Halo 2: PS4 controller no longer registers inputs
  47234  Wine fails to properly parse and import some of the standard root certificates
  47295  Halo 2: Game freezes during startup
  47309  Multiple WinML tools from Windows 10 SDK ( 10.0.17763.x) crash on startup, requiring several api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll._o_* API functions (mlgen, winmdidl)
  47395  Wolf RPG Editor hangs on exit
  47615  _putws outputs NULs, other wchar.h functions don't
  47676  Logos Bible Softare no longer loads due to crash
  47751  x64dbg crashes in get_current_context / InterlockedCompareExchange
  47755  Installation of Atmel Studio 7 crashes with a Program Error
  47764  World of Warcraft - Keyboard troubles
  47782  Segmentation fault and exceptions using ManagementClass
  47813 Warning or error when launching a game (GetFileInformationByHandleEx for FileAttributeTagInfo unimplemented)
  47822  Transcendence crashes on exit
  47833  FindFirstFileExW seems to be missing FILE_OPEN_FOR_BACKUP_INTENT flag to NtOpenFile
  47862  Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny main character and NPCs have texture corruption
  47868  test_notify() dsound:dsound test is unreliable
  47870  dwrite:layout fails in the Arabic locale
  47880  Need for Speed: Carbon - Autosculpt causes geometry corruption and GL_INVALID_OPERATION error
  47886  rpcrt4:server crashes on Windows
  47891  advapi32:services regression
  47911  quartz:vmr9 tests crash on Windows 7
  47918  Blur: cars have no wheels when Wine is compiled with Ryzen optimisations

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