Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Uneeqs Awesome macOS software Bundle #4

Uneeq’s Awesome Bundle #4 with 12 apps for only $29.99 – save $188

Minneapolis, MN – February 1, 2017 – Uneeq Company, launched an incredible bundle of award-winning, diverse Mac software. 12 apps, with a combined retail value of $218.74, only for $29.99 that's a awesome discount of 86% off the normal retail price.

Included in the Awesome Mac Bundle 4 is :

Calendar 366 - The complete menu bar calendar for events and reminders.

• Quick menu bar access (hotkey)
• Complete menu bar calendar app
• Sync with OS X' account & calendar settings
• 3 themes: Light / Dark / Darkest

CrossOver Mac - CrossOver runs thousands of different Windows programs on Mac.

• No Windows license needed
• No Windows operating system required
• Microsoft Office 2013 Support
• 64-bit Support

DEvonSphere Express - DEVONsphere Express keeps track of related emails, articles on the same subject, and similar web pages.

• Find other items related to what you're working on
• Search like Spotlight on steroids
• Context-aware; always focuses on what you do
• Runs as a menu extra, always available

Easy Barcode - Barcodes make life easier, the way that they can hold a lot of information in such a small space.

• Very easy to use with wizard-style help options, 3 steps to complete your bar code design, and no need to learn anything else.
• 30+ bar code templates to choose from, including QR Code with logo, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN, Data Matrix, etc. Support ISBN or book code extend 2 or 5 digits.
• You can set to barcode data, barcode color, whether to display any auxiliary text, text font, or color.
• Barcode height, width, horizontal and vertical space can also be set by you.

FireWall Builder - Is a flexible and powerful tool that allows you to build firewall configurations and policies.

• Configure Host
• Configure Routers
• Configure Firewalls
• Configure Networks

Memory Cleaner - The first and the most efficient Memory Cleaner for your Mac.

• Frees up to 2x more memory than the competition
• Doesn’t freeze your system while cleaning
• Enable auto-clean and forget about slowdowns
• Tracks the most memory-consuming apps

MP3 Converter - MP3 Converter encodes more than 200 audio and video formats to MP3 in one click. Get quality MP3 effortlessly.

• 200+ input audio and video formats.
• True batch processing.
• Automatic or custom output MP3 format.
• Improvement of sound.

Narrator - Voice synthesis made easy for your Mac.

• Have Narrator read it out loud for you
• Export speech directly to iTunes
• Choose different voices, rates, pitches, inflections and volumes for each character you assign, giving your text a wide range of expressiveness.
• Silent read-along options for stage directions or for you to read out your own parts.

Photo Size - Photo Size Optimizer is a powerful photo resizer and optimizer for Mac.

• 'Bulk' optimization with one-click.
• Easy management: When a folder is dragged into the application, Photo Size Optimizer will work on it immediately.
• Supports 70 types of image formats for resizing.
• The program solicits whether to overwrite the original files while exporting.

Putty for Mac - Putty is one of the Best Terminal Emulators available today.

• Telnet

Style - Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks to paint photos and videos.

• Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
• Over 20 styles to choose from
• Style runs offline, you can process high resolution images or videos any time you like.
• It’s easy to use and you can chain styles together for more style combinations

YouTube Converter - YouTube Converter is World's first desktop class application for downloading YouTube videos & music.

• Download Videos – Download and Convert video from YouTube to your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer.
• Download Music (YouTube Audio) – Convert and Transfer audio (MP3 or M4A) from YouTube to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It's yours forever.
• Support for most popular sources – you can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo & Dailymotion.
• Direct to iTunes transfer

The Uneeq Mac Bundle is immediately availabl...
About Uneeqco

Uneeq Company Founded in 2015 as a online marketplace of unique computer hardware, software and tech gadgets. Uneeq is focused EXCLUSIVELY on technology – a place where visitors know that all they will see are carefully selected products that are a combination of quality and uniqueness.The company’s goal is to help software developers and hardware/tech gadget manufacturers reach a broader audience and at the same time help users find the best or most uneeq software and hardware/tech gadgets on the planet. Uneeq is a pioneer in bringing unique products to the marketplace and in located in Minneapolis, MN and Denver, CO USA. The company is privately held. For more information about Uneeq.

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