Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bordeaux The frontend for Wine

Juraj Šípoš Who maintains wrote a nice review about Bordeaux on FreeBSD. The original review is at and can be translated with google translate. Just choose Slovak to English or your language of choice, Here is a link to the English translation.

Here is a small snip of the review, Juraj also talks about WineTricks and CodeWeavers CrossOver Ofiice.

Bordeaux is a port area in the southwest of France on the river Garonne. Produces are high-quality wine. Recently it its name in English (wine) of each application and environment, which programs you run Windows on Unix without that you must have installed the Windows operating system.

Bordeaux - interesting extension for Wine

Wine is something totally different, what emulators as VMware or qemu in which the user must install the entire Windows environment. In practice, this represents money for the license and the unnecessary costs. Wine is not a emulator, which is confirmed by the abbreviation of the name in English - Wine Is Not an Emulator. Wine is a working environment without emulating the processor.

When the application interface Wine saw the first light of the world (even with Win32 supporting around 1995), had many shortcomings and remember the veterans, showed that, although with some difficulties to run 16-bit Windows programs, with 32-bit environment are still problems. In those times it was difficult to configure Wine and then of course to use it.

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