Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wine-Doors 0.2 first look

So, the last two days I’ve been hard at work coding on the 0.2 structure and user interface, the application layout is a lot simpler and I’ve completely decoupled the user interface from the core functionality, so you’ll be able to use wine-doors on the command line or qt or whatever, osx is being looked into and if you’d like to help out please get in touch. So this is a first look at 0.2, and it wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory screen shot. So here you go…

What I’ve been working on;
  • Snazzy sidebar giving you access to available apps and installed bottles
  • New home page, giving you access to news and info about wine-doors (nowhere near complete)
  • Completely reworked internals, fewer hacks to get things to and from the UI all the modules are formed around a central core now
  • Completely new glade file, with only the bits we need in it from now on!
So I’ve managed to get quite a lot done in the last few days and things have moved along nicely, I’m going to make a start on the home page and knock up some simple XML for delivering info to users, we should have something like a working bottle system coming along next, and a whole new preferences and folder layout. We’ve got so much to do to get 0.2 finished but without taking what we’ve learned, and the limitations of wine and wine-doors we’ve observed we’ll never make any progress. After 0.2 I think the core of wine-doors can pretty much remain the same, for as long as until someone wants to refactor huge portions of it again.
So we’ve got a heavy emphasis on bottles but some people may think the user interface is lacking… just you wait! I’ve got some awesome ideas for how this is going to play out so just bare with me while I churn out another 1000 or so lines of code. The really interesting stuff starts to happen in about a month or so when we get to work on the new packaging system. We’ve put quite a bit of thought into this and you can read through our work on the wiki, we’re open to suggestions in a lot of different areas, but we think we’ve got all the bases covered though.

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