Monday, October 22, 2007

Firefox on Linux with Wine

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twickline said...


FF under Wine can be set as your default browser in Wine. And if a program is nice and accepts FF as a alternative browser there is Zero need for IE........

Also many apps want to install the Mozilla Control.. I believe if your going to install the "Mozilla Control" why not just install FF and have it over with.



Alp said...

Why installing firefox for wine when you have a native version for linux? I don't get the point.

twickline said...

Hello Alper,

For the joys of doing so :D

Anonymous said...

alper: i do it so i have a working quicktime plugin, which i need for some sites. works perfectly under wine and all the native xine or vlc plugins are crap in comparison.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the quicktime code. If quicktime and flash worked properly under FreeBSD, I would run FF with wine.