Sunday, September 16, 2007

Running MS Office 2003 under Linux with Wine

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Unknown said...

Running the setup again to fix the "not installed for this user issue" doesn't seem to fix it. I've been battling against this problem since wine 0.9.43, which it didn't work on. Any chance we can lock down the cause of this issue together?

Please get in contact with me via the site


yuriytk said...

Office 2003 on wine 0.9.45.
I've tried to update/repair, but the dialog box "Microsoft Office (Word or Excell) has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application" appears again. And Office does't start.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying thank you for the great tutorials!

Also, I'm rather happy to see you getting involved in wine-doors, which looks like a rather promising project.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

the first line of your tutorial says :
tom@tom:~$ wine richedit30.exe

but where do you get richedit30.exe ?

i searched ms-downloads - no luck !

Peter said...

I ran the tutorial with both version 0.9.43 and 0.9.45 and run into the same "not installed for this user" error. Although some things that were different is that I could not install via "wine setup." It just didn't exist. Instead I ran wine "setupstd" which gives me the option of installing the standard packages. Any help would be appreciated

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good article. I am also using Office2000 with win 0.9.36 & it works like charm.

twickline said...

richedit 3.0 update link

Anonymous said...

Worked through guide but stuck at entering product key.

I click on Next and two messages pop up.

1. The source media is corrupted
2. The product key is incorrect.

I'm sure this is not true as I have installed disk on windows.

Is there something wrong with my wine setup?


Anonymous said...

everything worked fine. word is starting correctly but keeps telling me "microsoft word has not been installed for the current user" and quits. I searched the web and found lota people with the same problem but so solution. however, as i found out it has something to do with the registries. removing (or renaming) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Registration
makes word ask for user name, organization and serial but quits after you hit ok. next time you run word it asks again. switching back to the old registries word again keeps telling me that it "has not been installed for the current user". dunno what to do, need it for compatibility but don't have windows installed...

Startpagina Adolfse said...

Installatin works fine. I installed the Dutch version of MS Office 2003 pro. But winword starts, and crashes after a few seconds. Excel and powerpoint are not installed for the current user. That is not repaired with the install repair.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

twickline said...


Install Wine 0.9.37 and i'm 99% sure it will work. there has been some regressions in the msi.dll since 0.9.38

Anonymous said...

Great guide.

Excel and powerpoint works - but sadly Word does not.
It exists with this:
fixme:imm:ImmGetOpenStatus (0x183430): semi-stub
fixme:imm:ImmReleaseContext (0x1004a, 0x183430): stub
X Error of failed request: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 53 (X_CreatePixmap)
Serial number of failed request: 2668
Current serial number in output stream: 2683

This is with wine 0.9.37

twickline said...

Major opcode of failed request: 53 (X_CreatePixmap)
Serial number of failed request: 2668
Current serial number in output stream: 2683


reboot your box and try it again and word should start working.

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the guide, worked for me but with one modification as explained at WineHQ to resolve the Not installed for this user error.

“Simply install with Wine 0.9.46. When you launch any program, it will say that the program isn’t installed for the current user. Don’t panic. Remove Wine (”sudo aptitude remove wine” for me). Install Wine 0.9.37. Launch any program. It will work. Now update your Wine version to 0.9.46, relaunch the programs, and…. Magic! It works."

One unfortunate issue though, Word keeps crashing on me when I try to save as. Open and save work the first time only, the second time I try to open or save a file Word crashes, save as always crashes. Is anybody else facing this? A search on Google and WineHq has elicited little information on this so far.

Unknown said...

I degraded to 0.9.37, ran winword.exe - same problem with 'not installed for current user'. Notepad.exe worked. Upgraded back to 0.9.46 an dI still have the same problem. It teases b/c the error dialog takes 2-3 seconds to appear - makes me think it will work "this time".\\I'm on Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64.

Anonymous said...

I also degraded to 0.9.37, and now it works! Only indeed the 'save as' in Word doesn't...

I run Ubuntu 7.10 - AMD64. I downloaded the 0.9.37 from WineHQ. First uninstall wine, then install the .deb, then restart computer, then run word.... Voila!

Unknown said...

Installed in Ubuntu 7.10, wine .9.48. Got user issue. Downgraded to .9.37, ran word, excel, without a hitch. Upgraded to .9.48 and everything works just fine. Some sorcery at work! Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

I got Office2003 to work on Wine 0.9.49 by doing this Tut but also editing the Regedit at:


You will find a long Number Folder like this: {90023423-6000... Click on that and edit the SmartSourceDir to point to the Source of Office11 Folder which you installed from. I rip my Office to my Linux Box and made a Drive Mapping to point D:\ to home/user/office11 folder.

Anonymous said...

There is a 'Licensing' section missing. When added, the application will ask you to register instead of saying it was installed for the wrong user.

If this comment goes through, I'll post the mod.

Anonymous said...

My openSuse 10.3 came with 9.44, this version doesn't work. I tried wine 0.9.51, and it still doesn't work. Both version did the as stated below #2.

1. Where can I get 0.9.37 for openSuse 10.3?
2. When I installed the Office 2003, toward the end of the setup, the setup logged me off the system and I have to logon again. Is this normal? I would expect the Office Setup tell me the Office installation is completed instead, but apparently NOT.

jjweid said...

I managed to get Office 03 to install using wine, but when I run it, instead of "english", I get "<<<<<<" marks as the font...anyone else run into that?

Anonymous said...

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