Monday, February 15, 2010

CrossOver Mac Review

I was propitious sufficient to get my hands upon a copy of CodeWeavers’ flagship product Crossover Mac this week. The module is written to concede applications from pick platforms, essentially Windows, to run seamlessly upon Mac OS X though a need for emulators or twin booting a mechanism which requires a restart as well as squandered tough hoop space. 

To contend which a module achieves this is an understatement to contend a least. During a contrast of a program, we found all aspects of it to be flattering most flawless. 

The primary component of a module which indispensable testing, was of course a designation as well as setup. As with a infancy of OS X software, designation was simply a routine of draw towards as well as dump in to a applications folder. Registering a module was a zephyr too. we simply had to register upon a CodeWeavers website as well as afterwards register a module regulating a same details.

So once your all set up as well as registered, we might consternation where a focus has gone. All which is rught away manifest is a idol placed in a comparison folder, or upon a wharf while open. This is due to a watchful inlet of a software. It flattering most stays out of your way, not even regulating until called upon. However, when we come in any visual middle such as a CD or DVD containing designation files meant for Windows, a focus springs in to hold up as well as loads a files in an intensely identical demeanour to a auto-boot routine upon Windows. 

There is an roughly unconstrained list of module which is concordant with this software. The infancy of continually used programs will most expected be concordant with Crossover Mac. This includes anything from Microsoft Office to Call of Duty. For my primary tests of a module we motionless to implement Microsoft Office as we motionless it would be a utilitarian serve to my Mac as we haven’t grown a good ambience for Open Office as well as haven’t nonetheless paid for a duplicate of iWork given not long ago purchasing an Apple Mac Mini. 

The primary theatre of designation was sincerely lengthy. This was utterly due to a actuality which it was a primary implement we had carried out as well as thus a complement indispensable to implement compulsory fonts as well as such. After a primary installation, any serve module we attempted to implement was carried off though a hitch. To be honest, this isn’t a vital complaint anyway. Proceeding with a installation, we was confronted with a common interface we had found with Windows. The designation routine from this indicate onwards was as discerning as any Windows installation.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Install Games on your Mac without Windows

I’ll show you how to install your PC games (Steam in Particular) on Your Mac without ever needing Windows. Crossover software: Game compatibility List

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bordeaux review at

No, this is not a review of wine. It is in fact a review of a computer program made for those of us who use Linux instead of Windows. I use Ubuntu--a flavor of Linux--on my laptop. I use the laptop primarily for browsing the internet and Ubuntu is a bit faster than Windows on the internet and a lot more secure viruswise.

But I also need to run some programs that do not work well on Ubuntu alone. Namely Fritz Chess and CT ART-- another chess program. I tried using Wine but that alone didn't work and then I ordered Bordeaux and that did the trick. I also wanted to use AIM but so far I haven't been able to get it to work. However I have been able to get Quicktime and Grabit to work and I will continue to try additional programs in the future and inform you as to whether or not they work.

Bordeaux is a good program. It does pretty much what it is supposed to do. But it is not perfect. However it is a work in progress and so there is no telling what the future will bring. I personally would like to see a program that would emulate Windows XP entirely. There is an operating system that supposedly does this--ReactOs. But after 10 years of development ReactOs is still not available in a Beta version and so cannot be used as a reliable program nor will such a version be available soon.

If you are running Linux and need to use chess programs that do not seem to work well with Wine my advice to you is to try Bordeaux. It does come with a guarantee and so you have nothing to lose if it doesn't do what you need it to do.

Putty for Mac
Putty for Mac

Friday, February 12, 2010

The needs of the one...

From Jeremy White's Blog :
I realize that it's trite for anyone in the computer industry, but I have to confess to being a life long fan of Star Trek.
Now, mind you, I don't know Klingon, I don't own a starfleet uniform, and I don't routinely go around quoting obscure Ferengi dialog. So there are many that would say I don't really qualify as a trekkie (or trekker, although I do know that it's a point of debate :-/ ).
But my wife and I have watched every episode and every movie, and we've enjoyed sharing many of the episodes with our kids.
So when Cryptic offered an opportunity to beta test Star Trek Online, I jumped at the chance. With a lot of hard work the team here and some help from Cryptic, we were just able to get it running in Wine.

Further, I discovered as I played the game, that it's fun, and 'missions' is a better game metaphore than 'quests', in my humble opinion. That is, in World of Warcraft, I always felt like I was a dog, and each quest was an instruction to 'fetch'. And why on earth does Lieutenant Farren Orinelle need so many Merlock heads? But rescuing a freighter seems like a legitimate thing to do, and if you have to destroy a bunch of Orion ships on the way, well that sort of makes sense as well.
So I'm hoping that my wife and I can play this game for a while. But in order for that to happen, I've got to have a release of CrossOver to use to play it. So I put together an unsupported build, and did some basic testing, trying not to take anything away from our efforts on 'Snow Mallard'. It runs Company of Heroes more nicely, but seems to cause trouble with Left 4 Dead 1 and 2.
Then I asked the support staff here what they thought I should do. They were a bit concerned; they felt that any benefit from Star Trek Online would probably be overshadowed by the support issues from folks who didn't read our warnings. So they requested that we not ship it, and take some time to polish it up more properly, probably requiring that we wait until after we had shipped Snow Mallard.
But in this case, I decided that the needs of the one (me) outweighed the needs of the many (our support staff) .
So, if you want to try Star Trek Online, you can learn how to do it here.
But please be kind to our support staff - it's not their fault!


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