Friday, April 22, 2022

Wine development release 7.7 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 7.7 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • More progress on the PE conversion of the X11 and OSS drivers.
  • Support for UTF-8 as default Ansi codepage.
  • Theming support for control panel applets.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

 Bugs fixed in 7.7 (total 11):

   6682  IrfanView's 4.44 Help -> About window is missing a picture on the left
  24574  RAR Password Recovery Magic initial (registration) window is empty and doesn't allow any interaction
  45916  x64dbg fails to load debuggee, needs ThreadScheduler_ScheduleTask
  52223  activeCodePage utf-8 in application manifest not respected
  52640  Steam does not display anything when using the Vulkan renderer (stack overflow from official Vulkan loader calling into dxgi)
  52679  Anno 1602 / 1602 A.D. graphics too dark / black
  52703  64-bit Irfanview crashes on startup
  52763  ConEmu doesn't work with winver > Win8.1
  52787  Invalid function prototype for "RegisterUserApiHook" when compiling for C++
  52809  steamwebhelper.exe crashes repeatedly since 2aa4673f32
  52825  Capella help crashes with Error "qtwebengingeprocess has serious errors"

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