Friday, December 3, 2021

Wine development release 6.23 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 6.23 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Mount manager and CoreAudio driver converted to PE.
  • Support for exception handling in Wow64 mode.
  • Optional support for using the distribution's PE libraries.
  • A number of UI improvements in WineDbg.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

 Bugs fixed in 6.23 (total 48):

  25193  ICC Dasher 1.5.4 doesn't render main UI correctly and appears to be non responsive
  32991  win32-arm applications need ntdll.dll.RtlUnwindEx implementation for exception handling/unwinding
  43456  Serif WebPlus X8 fails to install
  44427  Internet Chess Club (ICC) Dasher 1.5.8 crashes after online login
  46017  Layers of Fear areas are almost entirely black rendered
  47287  Accessible Event Watcher Tool 'accevent.exe' from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) crashes on unimplemented function oleacc.dll.AccessibleObjectFromEvent
  47843  Rockstar Game Launcher is unable to download a game completely
  48119  The tests sometimes trigger "critical section is not acquired" errors
  48950  NVDA needs oleacc.AccessibleObjectFromPoint implementation for mouse tracking
  49181  msvcrt_test.exe: missing entry point _point_get_sbh_threshold on Windows RT 8.x devices
  49426  Sookasa calls unimplemented functions and ntoskrnl.exe.RtlGetElementGenericTable ntoskrnl.exe.RtlLookupElementGenericTable
  50540  Windows PowerShell Core 6.2 Preview 2 for ARM32 crashes on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.RtlVirtualUnwind
  50985  ns_name_skip is glibc specific, causes failure to build on musl
  51183  Navicat V15.0.25 crashes when attempting to open database: "Unhandled exception: page fault...."
  51307  msvcp140:msvcp140 fails on msvcp140 >= 14.25
  51415  Windows PC Health Check requires msvcp_win.dll
  51490  dinput:device has a random failure in overlapped_format_tests() on Windows 8.1
  51557  GetSystemFirmwareTable fails to return SMBIOS on Apple Silicon Macs
  51624  TETRIS (16bit) shows wrong background for scoreboard
  51647  Gimp deadlocks when opening image or createing image from screenshot
  51716  gameux:gamestatistics fails on Windows 10 1809+
  51733  CreateProcess does not properly set the current directory of the new process.
  51832  Fork: "The selection contains a non-folder object" when selecting a folder
  51834  EMF DC emits invalid EMF when calling StretchDiBits with info->bmiHeader.biSizeImage = 0
  51873  Joy.cpl crashes on the FFB tab when the FFB device is selected in the drop down list
  51895  ucrtbase:misc fma(inf, 0, 0) 'succeeds' unexpectedly on some machines
  51959  Missing procedure GetDayLightFlag
  51971  postgresql-9.3 installer needs scrrun:folder_CreateTextFile implementation
  51986  Extremely small fonts when using a theme
  51989  pen-related tests (gdiplus:graphics and gdiplus:graphicspath) fail on latest Windows 10
  51993  Ashlar Vellum/DrawingBoard 1.00 redraws incorrectly tooltip bar
  51996  aarch64: NtGetContextThread/NtSetContextThread on another thread ignores FPU state due to buggy SIGUSR1 handler
  52023  VirtualFree returning error when it should not
  52025  Regression: Custom color configuration resets if custom theme is applied
  52028  Regression: Themed contents doesn't displays correctly in some themes
  52036  Match the pairs card game crashes on start
  52058  GTA 1997 autorun.exe does not work
  52061  dinput HID joystick sends unnecessary effect update reports.
  52067  ntdll MEM_DECOMMIT change breaks d3d10_1:d3d10_1, d3d8:device, d3d8:visual, d3d9:device, d3d9:visual, ddraw:ddraw1, ddraw:dsurface and dxgi:dxgi
  52068  hid:device times out randomly in test_get_input_report()
  52069  ntdll:virtual fails in test_NtAllocateVirtualMemory() on Windows 10 1709 and older
  52072  winmm:mci fails in wow64 Wine
  52075  dinput8:device, dinput8:dinput and dinput8:hid cannot run on Windows 7 anymore
  52077  Windows PC Health Check crashes on unimplemented function api-ms-win-core-featurestaging-l1-1-0.dll.SubscribeFeatureStateChangeNotification
  52093  Installing Insta360 pro stitcher breaks  wine completely ( e.g. winecfg gives:  malloc(): invalid size (unsorted) Aborted)
  52102  outSPOKEN 3.0 demo crashes on unimplemented function krnl386.exe16.GetLPErrMode
  52103  Crazy Stone crashes after splash screen
  52133  winhttp/wininet should not query mDNS for proxy auto-detection

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