Friday, August 14, 2020

Wine development release 5.15 is now available for Linux FreeBSD and macOS

The Wine development release 5.15 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Initial implementation of the XACT Engine libraries.
  • Beginnings of a math library in MSVCRT based on Musl.
  • Still more restructuration of the console support.
  • Direct Input performance improvements.
  • Exception handling fixes on x86-64.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 5.15 (total 27):

  27207  splayer auto quit while open a mp3 file
  31476  Bully Scholarship Edition: 'no DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card' on start, needs xactengine3_1.dll et al.
  34263  Framebuffer read-before-write causes graphical glitches
  38615  DSA: Drakensang Demo fails to start, reports 'XACT Error after IXACTEngine::Initialize: unknown error code - maybe not an XACT error'
  40163  Racedriver GRID: freeze in the menu
  41030  Pac-Man Museum (Steam) crashes on start, needs '{bcc782bc-6492-4c22-8c35-f5d72fe73c6e}' xactengine3_7.dll
  41045  Captain Morgane crashes on start: needs clsid '{0977d092-2d95-4e43-8d42-9ddcc2545ed5}' xactengine3_4.dll
  41738  Cloning and releasing an IStream frees the HGLOBAL memory
  43153  Gothic 1.0 from Steam freezes in new game on phrase "I'm Diego"
  44059  Worms World Party Remastered (GOG version) crashes at launch in clean wine prefix version 2.21 and 2.22
  44306  Visual Novel "A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk" doesn't work with d3d9
  45700  Call of Duty WWII sound issues
  48684  "BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger" class {94c1affa-66e7-4961-9521-cfdef3128d4f} not registered
  49152  wine-mono 5.0.0 breaks rendering for disabled buttons
  49325  Kea Colorinbook crashes:
  49477  Some api-ms-win-core-* are not found by Forza Horizon 4
  49518  Grim Dawn leaks shared memory after upgrade to Wine 5.12
  49559  winevdm.exe crashes when running 16-bit installers (non-PE build only)
  49593  inconsistent return code when executable is not found
  49609  wine-staging-5.12 - Elite Dangerous launcher broken
  49638 installer fails with "Access denied"
  49653  Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch always displays measurement in imperial system
  49656  SAP GUI - Ws2_32.getaddrinfo crashes with non-standard service (/etc/services)
  49662  Wine Internet Explorer crashes on https://[2600::]/
  49664  FrostyModManager v1.0.5.9 crashes on launch
  49666  Red Dead Redemption 2 requires HEAP flags offset to match Windows
  49685  Gigabyte "EasyTune" service crashes in wbemprox

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