Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wine 1.3.37 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.37 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • Completion of the DIB engine.
  • Improvements to the C++ runtime.
  • A number of fixes in the audio drivers.
  • Unnecessary Direct3D options removed from WineCfg.
  • Some fixes to the built-in Internet Explorer.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.37:

6076 MSI Live Update 3 NTACCESS.SYS helper driver crashes due to unimplemented function hal.dll.HalTranslateBusAddress
9001 Pro evolution soccer 6 crashes at startup
9653 zMod does not work anymore
11343 hMailServer 4.x service calls some unsupported WSAIoctl ioctl codes
14575 Tarr Chronicles: fails to start
15139 A private .NET program won't connect to mssql server (WSAIoctl missing support for SIO_KEEPALIVE_VALS)
15427 RagTime 5.6.5 does not start
15538 gdi32: path.ok test succeeds in todo block in PC-BSD/OS X
15770 MySQL 5.1 service fails to start due to missing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP\Parameters registry subkey
17372 Adobe Framemaker 9 installer crashes
17510 EngIntsite CSS Editor crashes
17946 In Firefox Tiny-MCE-Editor shows strange Signs
18197 AutoCAD 2008: .chm files aren't rendered correctly
18238 MAMEUIFX32 disappears Whenever you click audit roms or refresh/reload to update your roms list.
18244 Yahoo messenger 9: Crashes after logging in
19203 Paint Shop Pro 6.0 crashes on startup
19323 Digidelivery Client can't attach files correctly
21073 no sound in wow&warcraft 3 sound crackle
22446 AutoCAD 2008: Quick Help Toolbar paints outside the window
22866 Cannot input new warrior name in the game Taikou Risshiden 5
22902 QIP Infium (single) icon transparency problem
23204 Editor refresh problems in EngIntsite CSS Editor
23875 World of Warcraft Launcher crash.
24217 Victoria 2 demo crashes during load without MaxShadowSize 0
24346 No sound in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands except for intro videos
24563 Black Mirror 2: assertion failure on startup
24885 Microsoft Urban Assault Trial (1998) (Direct3D game) doesn't run.
25618 Super Meat Boy fails to output audible sound
25628 Hitman Blood money - No Sound When Playing
25921 SolidWorks 2008: Hangup at starting application
26038 'wine iexplore' fails with 'Gmail requires cookies to be enabled'
26060 Oblivion: when exiting Oblivion.exe continues running
26405 Builtin IE miss to display the origin page while open a pop-up page with
26411 Microsoft Flight Simulator X (both demo and full) hang on first screen
26451 MyPhoneExplorer Version 1.8 Icons in toolbar are not clickable
27018 iexplore.exe causes hang-up
27166 L4D2: Character voice audio missing during intro.
27184 Unhandled Exception in CoreAudio (AudioRenderClient_ReleaseBuffer)
27575 QQMusic installer needs msvcp60.dll.??
27613 XMLHTTP method DELETE is unimplemented
27701 Panta Rhei demoscene demo crashes on startup (custom loader can't cope with opengl32 -> gdi32 forwarded imports)
27765 Injecting mouse events with autohotkey/steam now fails
27987 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 Framework SDK installers fail
28176 Lineage 2 High Five client fails, needs setupapi.dll.CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_Property_ExW
28370 Multiple Apps (QQMusic installer, NightSky, etc ) need msvcp60.dll.?
28384 Copy to clipboard not working in EMS SQL Manager
28391 Thief Gold Edition, Portal: sound is broken when using coreaudio driver
28604 2gis laggy map redraw
28964 Capella 5.3.13: Missing method msvcp60.dll.?
29028 Starcraft crashes on exit
29224 WinMerge crashes on startup with builtin msvcp71 (purist)
29243 Homefront: Choppy sound in menu and game play
29316 QQ2011 installer needs gdiplus:GdipDrawImagePointsI to draw UI
29328 Installation of Solidworks license manager fails with msi error 1603
29342 Bloxx It shows only a blank screen
29391 SetupNgen.exe crashes while installing Paint.NET 2.5 (needs wshom.ocx WshShell3_get_SpecialFolders implementation)
29402 Broken mp3 playback in FeralHeart (irrklang?)
29440 "Abashera revamped" fails to install
29457 PbSetup60.exe crash at unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.Ke386IoSetAccessProcess
29459 Afterburner 3D crashes immediately after starting
29463 Any Video Converter Professional needs msvcp60.dll.?
29469 Audio stops working; as a result, Rosetta Stone gets stuck
29475 IECookiesView crashes on entering internet privacy options, needs inetcpl.cpl.LaunchPrivacyDialog
29484 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime installer crashes in "repair" and "uninstall" mode (empty VolumeLabel in Media table)
29505 Mozart11 crashes on start up
29524 Firefox 9.0.1 crashes immediately
29542 ddraw clipper tests fail when run in virtual desktop
29546 Black Mirror 2: in-game videos freezing
29551 Panta Rhei demoscene demo crashes on startup due to missing opengl32.dll glDebugEntry export/stub
29553 Sonic R demo installer hides typed text if started from a long path
29555 Age of Empires II screen locks up after playing for around 15 minutes
29562 Foxit PDF Reader v5.xx crashes after starting
29578 Internet Explorer 9 installer for Vista needs photometadatahandler.dll and xpsprint.dll
29587 Visual FoxPro application fatal error when loading JPEG
29588 Nero BurnRights needs setupapi.dll.CM_Set_Class_Registry_PropertyA
29589 Interface corruption in the Windows Live Essentials 2011 installer

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