Monday, July 25, 2011

Wineskin Pro is now compatible with PaulTheTall game wrappers

Wineskin Pro users can now easily play hundreds of Windows games on their Mac computers with the wrappers from PaulTheTall. The cost of Wineskin Pro 2.3 is $29.95 and comes with six months of upgrades and support.

Here is the Game list:
Sports game: Bowling 2006
Sports game: Chess Mafia (Full game download)
Sports game: Icehockey Club Manager 2005
Sports game: FIFA 07 + 08
Sports game: FIFA 2011
Sports game: Handball Challenge (Full game download)
Sports game: Madden NFL 08
Sports game: Min Golf Club (Full game download)
Sports game: Mini Golf Pro (Full game download)
Sports game: NBA 2K10
Sports game: NBA 2K11
Sports game: PES 2011
Sports game: Real Pool (Full game download)
Sports game: Ski Challenge 11 (Full game download)
Sports game: Trampoline (Full game download)
Sports game: UEFA 2008
Sports game: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Racing game: A.I.M. Racing
Racing game: ATV Quadro Racing (Full game download)
Racing game: Bigfoot 4x4 Challenge
Racing game: BMW Challenge (Full game download)
Racing game: Championsheep Rally
Racing game: Classic Car Racing
Racing game: Crash Time 2
Racing game: Death Track Resurrection
Racing game: Death Rally (Full game download)
Racing game: Driving Speed (Full game download)
Racing game: Extreme racers (Full game download)
Racing game: Flatout
Racing game: Hummer 4x4
Racing game: Intense Racing 2 (Full game download)
Racing game: Kart Racer
Racing game: Motoracing (Full game download)
Racing game: Need for speed ProStreet
Racing game: Need for Speed Undercover
Racing game: Need for speed Underground
Racing game: Need for speed Underground 2
Racing game: Need for Speed Most Wanted
Racing game: Offroad Racer (Full game download)
Racing game: Open Kart
Racing game: Ostrich Runners (Full game download)
Racing game: Proun
Racing game: Race 07
Racing game: Revolt (VIP members only)
Racing game: Ski Racing 2005
Racing game: Sprint Cars - Road to Knowxville
Racing game: Star Racing (Full game download)
Racing game: Streetracers 1.1 (Full game download)
Racing game: Trackmania Nations Forever
Racing game: UAZ Racing 4x4
Racing game: Volvo the game
Flight and Vehicles Simulators:
Simulator game: Battlestatations Midway
Simulator game: Bus Driver
Simulator game: Clusterball
Simulator game: Commanding Officer eastern Front
Simulator game: Dangerous Waters
Simulator game: Darstar one
Simulator game: IL-2 Sturmovic
Simulator game: Naval Strike (Full game download)
Simulator game: Microsoft Trains Simulator
Simulator game: Red Shark
Simulator game: Ship Simulator 2008
Simulator game: Sky Battle (Full game download)
Simulator game: Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942
Simulator game: Trainz Simulator 2009
Simulator game: Trainz Simulator 12
Simulator game: Wings of Combat
Simulator game: Wings of Fury 2 (Full game download)
Simulator game: Wings of Honor: Battles of the Red Baron
Simulator game: WW2 Pacific Heroes
Business and other Simulators:
Simulator game: Cake Shop (Full game download)
Simulator game: Rolercoaster Tycoon 3
Simulator game: World of Zoo
Puzzle game: Atlantis (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Bee Garden (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Bombermania (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Caribbean Sea Fishes
Puzzle game: DX Boulderdash (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Frenzy Farm 2 (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Gift Quest - Valentine Day (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
Puzzle game: Last Conudrum Of Da Vinci Deluxe (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Lovely puzzle (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Magic Farm (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Mayjong (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Monkey Friends (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Moorfrosch XS (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Narbacular Drop (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Obulis
Puzzle game: Pacmaniac (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Pharaoh (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Real Dominos (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Tatris 2008 (Full game download)
Puzzle game: The Treasures of mystery Island 2
Puzzle game: Trio: The great Settlement (Full game download)
Puzzle game: VIVED Arkanoid (Full game download)
Puzzle game: Wallace & Gromits Grand Adventures
Puzzle game: Youda Survivor
Puzzle game: Zelda - Links Awakening
Platform game: Another World 15th Anniversary
Platform game: Azangara (Full game download)
Platform game: Mario XP (Full game download)
Platform game: Oddworld Abe's Exodus
Platform game: Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
Platform game: Penguin vs Yeti (Full game download)
Card Games:
Cards game: Real Poker (Full game download)
Cards game: Gold Solitaire (Full game download)
Cards game: World Poker Championship 2
RPG game: Darkspore
RPG game: Dragonsang - River of Time
RPG game: King of Kings 3
RPG game: Never Winter Nights 2
RPG game: Saiya (VIP members only)
RPG game: Tales of Pirates (Full game download)
Action game: Alpha Prime
Action game: Battlefield 1942
Action game: Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo (Full demo download)
Action game: Battlefield Vietnam
Action game: Battlestrike Force of Resistance
Action game: Blade Runner (Full game download)
Action game: Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood + Road to Hill
Action game: Call of Duty
Action game: Call of Duty - Modern Warefare
Action game: Call of Duty 5 World at War
Action game: Call of Juarez
Action game: Call of Juarez 2 - Bound in blood
Action game: C&C Renegade
Action game: Chaser
Action game: Commandos: Strike force
Action game: Darksiders
Action game: Derelict (Full game download)
Action game: D-Day Normandy (Full game download)
Action game: Death To All Spies
Action game: Death To All Spies: Moment of Truth
Action game: Delta Force Blackhawk Dawn
Action game: Desperados 2
Action game: Digital Paintball 2 (Full game download)
Action game: The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall (Full game download (DOS))
Action game: Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death
Action game: Jungle Strike (Full game download)
Action game: Fallout
Action game: Fallout 2
Action game: Far Cry 2
Action game: Gangland
Action game: Grand Theft Auto 2
Action game: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Action game: Grotto Kings + Gravity Bones
Action game: Helldorado
Action game: Hitman: Blood Money
Action game: Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
Action game: HUNT
Action game: Homefront
Action game: In Cold Blood
Action game: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Action game: Lead and Gold (Steam)
Action game: Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Action game: Metal Gear Solid
Action game: M.I.A. Asia
Action game: Mount and Blade
Action game: Mount and Blade - Warband
Action game: Mount and Blade - Fire and Sword
Action game: Onescapee (Full game download)
Action game: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Action game: Penguins Arena
Action game: Pirate battle (Full game download)
Action game: Pirates of the Caribbean
Action game: Planet Alcatraz
Action game: PreVa (Full game download)
Action game: Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands
Action game: Prism Guard Shield (Full game download)
Action game: Red Faction
Action game: Rogue Trooper
Action game: Shelled! (Full game download)
Action game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl
Action game: Street of Rage (remake) (Full game download)
Action game: Thief - Deadly Shadows
Action game: The Juicer (Full game Download)
Action game: The Stalin Subway
Action game: Tombraider Legend
Action game: Tribes Starsiege (Full game download)
Action game: Unreal
Action game: Unreal Tournament Game of theYear Edition
Action game: Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors Choice Edition
Action game: Velvet Assassin
Strategy game: 8th Wonder of the World
Strategy game: Age of Empires
Strategy game: Age of Empires 2
Strategy game: Alfa: Antiterror
Strategy game: Alien Nations
Strategy game: Ancient Wars: Sparta
Strategy game: Anno 1503
Strategy game: Battle for Troy
Strategy game: Bos Wars
Strategy game: Caesar III
Strategy game: C&C Red Alert (Full game download)
Strategy game: C&C Red Alert 2 + Yuri revenge
Strategy game: C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising
Strategy game: C&C Tiberian Dawn (VIP members only)
Strategy game: C&C Tiberian Sun (Full game download)
Strategy game: Civcity Rome
Strategy game: Commandos Behind Enemy Lines
Strategy game: Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty
Strategy game: Commandos 2
Strategy game: Commandos 3
Strategy game: Company of Heroes (Gold)
Strategy game: Cossacks Back to War
Strategy game: Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade
Strategy game: Dune 2000
Strategy game: East India Company Collection
Strategy game: Emperor Rise of middle Kingdom
Strategy game: Empire Earth 2
Strategy game: Empire Earth 3
Strategy game: Empire Rise of the Middle Kingdom
Strategy game: Empire Total War (Steam)
Strategy game: Evil Genius
Strategy game: Faces of War
Strategy game: Fantasy Wars
Strategy game: Glest (Full game download)
Strategy game: Grand Ages Rome
Strategy game: Imperium Romanum
Strategy game: Imperial Glory
Strategy game: Jagged Farm - Birth of Hero
Strategy game: Knights and Honor
Strategy game: Medieval 2 Total War
Strategy game: Megapolis (Full game download)
Strategy game: Men of War
Strategy game: Men of War - Red Tide
Strategy game: Men of War - Squad Assault
Strategy game: Napoleon - Total War (Steam)
Strategy game: Patrician 3
Strategy game: Pharaoh + Cleopatra
Strategy game: Praetorians
Strategy game: Settlers V
Strategy game: Stalingrad
Strategy game: Stronghold Extreme Crusader
Strategy game: Stronghold 2
Strategy game: Stronghold Legends
Strategy game: Sudden Strike 2 (Full game download)
Strategy game: Supreme Ruler 2020
Strategy game: S.W.I.N.E (Full game download)
Strategy game: Take Command: 2nd Manasses
Strategy game: Tropico + Paradise Island (Expansion)
Strategy game: Tropico 2 - Pirates Cove
Strategy game: Warhammer 40k - Dawn of War Gold edition
Strategy game: World in Conflict
Strategy game: Worms World Party
Strategy game: Worms Forts under Siege
Strategy game: Zeus: Master of Olympus
Adventure game: 80 Days
Adventure game: Agatha Christie - Evil under the sun
Adventure game: Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express
Adventure game: Agon: Sword of Toledo
Adventure game: Amerzone - The Explorer Legacy
Adventure game: Ankh 2 - Heart of Osiris
Adventure game: Ankh 3 - Battle of the gods
Adventure game: Art of Murder - FBI Confidential
Adventure game: Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny
Adventure game: Baron Wittard - Nemesis of Ragnarok
Adventure game: Beyond Good and Evil
Adventure game: Broken Sword 2.5 (Full game download)
Adventure game: Culpa Innata
Adventure game: Dirty Split (Full game download)
Adventure game: Eye of the Kraken (Full game download)
Adventure game: Egypt 2
Adventure game: Flight of the Amazone Queen (ScumVM)
Adventure game: Kings Quest III Remake (Full game download)
Adventure game: Lost Horizon
Adventure game: Lure of the Temptress (ScumVM)
Adventure game: Monkey Island Special Edition
Adventure game: Monkey Island 2 Le Chucks Revenge (Special Edition)
Adventure game: Monkey Island 3 (The Curse of Monkey Island)
Adventure game: Monkey Island 4 (Escape from Monkey Island)
Adventure game: Myst online: URU live (Full game download)
Adventure game: Myst (Real)
Adventure game: Myst 2 (Riven)
Adventure game: Myst 3 (Exile)
Adventure game: Myst 4 (Revelation)
Adventure game: Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for danger
Adventure game: Nancy Drew and the phantom of Venice
Adventure game: Nikopol
Adventure game: RHEM 4
Adventure game: Runaway - A road adventure
Adventure game: Runaway 3 - Twist of Fate
Adventure game: Schizm 2 - Chameleon
Adventure game: Secret Files
Adventure game: Secret Files 2
Adventure game: Sinking Island
Adventure game: Syberia
Adventure game: Syberia 2
Adventure game: Tomb Raider Anniversary

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