Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wineconf 2011 dates and location has been set

Wineconf 2011 will be held in Minneapolis Minnesota this year and hosted by CodeWeavers Inc. If you would like to help support Wineconf 2011 this would be a good time to make a donation to the WPF or purchase a product from Codeweavers.

Below is a copy of the announce e-mail that Jeremy White sent to the Wine Development mailing list.

Hi Folks,

We have made arrangements for this year's WineConf to happen in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2. Minneapolis is the little known other city of the Twin Cities across the river from our home town, St. Paul. I've put some preliminary information up on the Wiki:

We thought that this year it would be fun to stay in downtown Minneapolis, as there is quite a bit to do there.

Further, at that time of year, the weather has a good chance of being beautiful, so it will hopefully be a great time for all. I checked, and only very rarely has it been below freezing on October 1 . (Seriously, it's usually very nice. Really. Trust me).

If you are interested in WineConf, and have contributed to Wine, but are not sure if you can afford the travel costs, please write to me. The Wine Party Fund is used mostly to defray travel costs these days and we may be able to help.

Note that most further communication will happen on the wineconf mailing list; if you're interested, you should subscribe.

If you're coming, please hit the RSVP page:

Hope to see you in Minneapolis!


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Sweet Lily said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!