Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baseball Mogul 2012 Simulation Game Can Run on Mac & Linux

You have always wanted to be a general manager of a baseball team, but unfortunately for you getting there takes a lot more than just pure baseball passion. Secretly, you know that your number crunching and baseball knowledge match those of successful GMs like the Yankees' Brian Cashman, the Red Sox's Theo Epstein and Oakland's Billy Beane just check your fantasy baseball stats. What's a fan (and aspiring GM) to do?

The next best thing to actually being a baseball GM is to play one on TV Mac or Linux. And with such love of the game, you already know that Baseball Mogul has been the number 1 best selling baseball simulation game for the last four years. Baseball Mogul 2011 is for Windows only. Ugh! You have reached another obstacle in your baseball career. Is this strike two for your GM hopes and dreams?

Get ready to buy yourself some peanuts and cracker jacks! You've just hit a home run! With CrossOver Games, you can play Baseball Mogul 2012 on Mac or Linux. CrossOver Games let you run windows programs, such as Baseball Mogul 2012, on Mac and Linux. No rebooting. No virtual machine. No windows license.

Learn how easy it is to install Baseball Mogul 2012 with CrossOver Games by watching our instructional video. Then download our FREE trial. And when you free trial expires, be sure to come back to this page to receive an exclusive 20% off CrossOver Games!

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