Friday, March 11, 2011

PlayOnLinux 3.8.12 has been released

PlayOnLinux 3.8.12 has been released here is some of the changes since the 3.8.11 version.

The following installers have been updated:
- Borderlands (clean-up)
- Bulletstorm (Wine version update)
- Dead Rising 2 (clean-up)
- Dragon Age 2 Demo (Wine version update and bug fix)
- Fallout 3 (installer rewritten from scratch)
- Fallout 3 - DLC (clean-up)
- Fallout 3 Patch 1.07 (installer added)
- Steam (Wine version update)
- The Witcher Patch 1.5 (bug fix)

These installers will no longer work with PoL versions prior to 3.8.12.

Note: Due to a mistake (fixed yesterday), all Wine builds had faulty sound support, so we strongly suggest that you delete and reinstall PoL's Wine builds using the Manage Wine versions option.

Dragon Age 2 now works with PlayOnLinux :

We bring you this day the sequel to one of the best RPGs for PC, Dragon Age 2.

It is actually a role-playing/action game. You are Hawke, a human hailing from the city of Lothering. You can choose the gender and class of you character, before setting out on a journey to the city of Kirkwall. You can always choose your way in the dialogues and the fighting system allows you to switch between strategy and real-time action.

Bulletstorm is also now running with PlayOnLinux :

It's a first-person shooter set in a futuristic and utopic universe. You will be following Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato, members of a paramilitary group working for a futuristic confederation called Dead Echo. Unfortunately, our duo ends up stranded on planet Stygia, home of dangerous mutants.

The latest version of PlayOnLinux is: 3.8.12
To get this version, go to the download page.

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