Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All dressed up and MacWorld to go

From Jeremy Whites blog :
These days, the combination of CrossOver and all the hard work of our Advocates is amazing. Within 5 minutes, or less, you can easily download and install CrossOver and your favorite Windows application. But you don't have to buy, install, or hassle with Windows. It's like playing a game like Call of Duty without having to actually be in a real combat zone. Or like a man putting on a dress instead of getting a sex change operation. Feels a little funny, but strangely nice, and you still get to be a man afterwards.

So in 8 days, at MacWorld in San Francisco, we are launching CrossOver 10 'The Impersonator'. This new version of CrossOver will feature our new CrossTie technology that will make it drop dead easy to install a Windows application and only that Windows application - on your Mac or Linux computer. And since we're so excited about this, we're telling everyone we know, including our buddies David Pogue and Walt Mossberg, who ignore us every single freaking year (not that we're hurt or anything, mind you).

Click on the picture above to see what I mean about a dress. And if you're in San Francisco next week, come on down to booth 442 at MacWorld; we'll have real Impersonators on hand, and you can check out the new Impersonator version of CrossOver. Or check this space next week for our launch.



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