Friday, July 2, 2010

Stamping out Wine 1.2

By Jeremy White
Everyone in the Wine community is driving to release Wine 1.2 the newest and best version of Wine.
Its been two years since Wine 1.0, and weve really made huge strides. This version will include the beginnings of genuine 64-bit support, along with major Direct3D improvements, and improvements in a huge number of other areas.

Since the majority of CodeWeavers staff are Wine developers, that means were busily working on Wine 1.2 ourselves. Further, were working to roll Wine 1.2 into CrossOver 9.1 and CrossOver Games 9.1. We are really happy with the improvements and think this is going to make the very best CrossOver release.

Of course, you might wonder, when is Wine 1.2 going to come out? And when is CrossOver 9.1 going to come out? Reasonable questions, and one you think we would be able to answer.

However, its not that easy, because of the unusual relationship we have with Alexandre Julliard, the maintainer of Wine. That is, while he is our CTO, and helps enormously with CrossOver, we also have a clear understanding that he is completely autonomous in his role as the Wine maintainer.
So when we ask him, in his role as Wine maintainer, when Wine 1.2 will ship, he simply tells us when its ready. He goes on to discuss regression counts, and productivity of developers, and so far as I know, how the tea leaves look to him. This drives James, our VP of Sales absolutely crazy, which perhaps is the point.

So the official timeline for CrossOver 9.1 is one tad after when it's ready.

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