Tuesday, October 6, 2009

q4wine 0.113 has been released

Finally, after many months of development, testing and bugfixing a new version of q4wine has been released. q4wine is a wine configuration and management utility written in QT.
General features are:
  • Can export QT color theme into wine colors settings.
  • Can easy work with different wine versions at same time;
  • Easy creating, deleting and managing prefixes (WINEPREFIX);
  • Easy controlling for wine process;
  • Easy installer wizard for wine applications; (Not yet. Wait for v. 0.120)
  • Autostart icons support;
  • Easy cd-image use;
  • You can extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll);
  • Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes.
  • Winetricks support.
  • And more..
New features avalible in the 0.113 release are:
  • Added q4wine-cli console utility for wine applications and prefixes management.
  • Added libq4wine implementation;
  • Added embeded q4wine-mount (This is a copy of fuseiso + RH path);
    Note: use this if you too lazy to compile fuseiso from SF and apply pathes;
  • q4wine now remembers 8 recent mounted images;
  • q4wine now remembers 8 recent runned binaryes via Run dialog;
  • QtSingleApp integration. Now you can run only one instance of q4wine-gui;
  • Online documentation;
  • Now q4wine save last user selected prefix and dir;
  • Added "open directory" menu items via xdg-utils;
  • Added "open directory" menu items via winefile;
  • Added xdg-utils support (note: now it is in the depends list)
  • Added translation file for Portuguese (Brazil) by Marcio Moraes;
  • Added *.xpm filter to icon import patten;
  • Added http proxy support for winetricks;
  • Improved icon display widget;
  • Added Drag & Drop support;
  • Added Drag support q4wine icons export;
  • Added Drop support for wine .exe and .com files;
  • Added Drop support for wine .bat files (Now autoadd wineconsole binary args);
  • Added splitter for programs and icons lists;
  • Added command line option for q4wine (See q4wine --help for details);
  • Linux: Improved wine process list build (thanks to Sergey Kishchenko (tilarids));
  • Cleanup q4wine tmp directory on exit;
  • Some fixes for q4wine.desktop (thanks to Eugene Pivnev);
  • Fixed GUI bug: Text fields size, on some desktop configurations, are too small to edit;
  • Fixed a lot of English spelling errors (thanks to Sergey Kishchenko (tilarids));
  • First steps for source code documentation via Doxygen....;
  • Total code reorganize;
  • Database engine rewrite;
  • Many fixes for q4wine.desktop file (thanks to Kyrill Detinov);
  • Fixed compilation with Qt-4.4.X (thanks to Kyrill Detinov);

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