Saturday, June 14, 2008

Website update

We want to thank those of you who helped let us know issues with the new site while it was being developed.

And for everyone who loves comments, well we decided to do away with comments. Comments make it too difficult for us to provide support on our own howtos. Having to dig around posts to provide adequate and timely responses is totally unprofessional.

We have managed, with the help of Vanilla, to have a nice clean forum, but completely different than other forums providing a simple and professional look and feel. We are removing the old forum at and migrating to the new forum tomorrow.

For those of you who want to contribute read the contribute page on the new site tomorrow and fill out the small form.

See you at the new site tomorrow!

Please post any comments about this post to the new forum at In the near future this post will be removed from wine-review.blogspot so please visit our new and improved site and update your bookmarks.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the update, but I have 2 things to say:

1-Comments are better then forums for this kind of sites. Comments don't require the tedious registration process and also give good feedback about the article, correct mistakes that were made by the editor or suggest better ways of doing something. Many many people will refrain from participating with their valuable feedback because they don't want to register.

2-There are already very good forums at and I literally don't see any benefit of splitting the wine community, especially that Wine developers participate in the official forums.

Finally, I am pleased that this site has not been short-living and I encourage you to keep it up ::)

christoff said...

I am very aware of the problem with having another forum. However it's not really another forum since we already have and the comments here on blogger.

I don't see it tedious to register to use our new forum. There won't be any website registration, only the forum.

This new forum is more of like the comments, but organized and allows us, the writers an easier method to provide support. Having to navigate to the post to see the comments and then comment back is quite annoying in my mind.

Sure you get a thanks and what not, but I'm going to continue to support Wine even if no one says thank you.

This forum/comment thing we have set up is not splitting the community up it is to provide support for our howto's.

Although I have said all of this, like the design of the new site, we are open for possible changes in the future.

I'll consider bringing comments back...

christoff said...

one more thing... You had to register here in order to comment right?

on the new forum guests can just post as well using captcha or register and get your name visible.

Anonymous said...

Then why don't you find a way to integrate the forums into the article pages (many websites do this) I mean you have the the traditional forum index but when you publish a howto topic in the forums it gets displayed in Joomla! as a webpage with comments (while in fact they are a forum topic and it's replies) This way you will have your howtos in 2 places:
1-The website(looks like an article and its comments)
2-The forums

and this of course will bring a much higher volume of participation and interaction.

I think you might find something useful about V Bulletin integration with Joomla in the Joomla! extension repository. (although I think Joomla isn't really suited for this site. Try TextPattern or Drupal)

(PS I didn't register here to post comments, it's just a matter of entering your name and your e-mail/homepage )