Monday, August 6, 2007

IEs 4 Linux Internet Explorer 5.0 5.5 6.0 on Linux

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??? said...

your howto is brilliant and probably only one witch covers most annoying bugs of ie4lin... it really helps people...;)

I don't understand this part... could u reedit it in a more clear way since I'm a simple linux user not an it geek...


tom@tom:~$ export WINEPREFIX="/home/tom/.ies4linux/ie6"
tom@tom:~$ wine regsvr32 "C:\windows\system32\pngfilt.dll"
fixme:setupapi:SETUPX_CreateStandardLDDs LDID_SRCPATH: what exactly do we have to do here ?
fixme:setupapi:GenInstall16 unsupported flag: GENINSTALL_DO_REGSRCPATH
fixme:setupapi:vcpUICallbackProc16 (0x1580, 0705, 0000, 00000000, 00125d64) - semi-stub
fixme:setupapi:vcpUICallbackProc16 (0x1580, 070f, 0000, 00000000, 00125d64) - semi-stub
fixme:setupapi:vcpUICallbackProc16 (0x1580, 0710, 0000, 00000000, 00125d64) - semi-stub
fixme:setupapi:vcpUICallbackProc16 (0x1580, 070b, 0000, 00000000, 00125d64) - semi-stub
fixme:setupapi:vcpUICallbackProc16 (0x1580, 070c, 0000, 00000000, 00125d64) - semi-stub
fixme:setupapi:GenInstall16 unsupported flag: GENINSTALL_DO_CFGAUTO
fixme:setupapi:GenInstall16 unsupported flag: GENINSTALL_DO_REGSRCPATH
fixme:setupapi:GenInstall16 unsupported flag: GENINSTALL_DO_CFGAUTO
Successfully registered DLL C:\windows\system32\pngfilt.dll


twickline said...

Hello Marcin,

That shows what you should expect when pngfilt.dll is properly registered.

Anonymous said...

I installed IE6 on fedora core 7 successfully....
it z running , but I cannot view any menus (file, view etc..) and the fonts I get while right lick properties are alos faded ...
can you help me....
Thanks in advance

twickline said...


Try the new IEs4Linux, more info here

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Thanks a lot