Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wine 1.3.32 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.32 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • BiDi text support in the multi-line edit control.
  • Support for pattern brushes in the DIB engine.
  • A number of MSXML fixes.
  • Improvements to the PostScript driver.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.32:

1425 Implement BiDi Edit control
3992 arabic (and probably other RTL languages) dont render correctly in Notepad
5629 Printing is mirrored (Genline Family Finder 2)
8712 amstream video demo does not play because of IDirectDrawMediaStreamImpl_CreateSample stub
9444 Crystal Enterprise 8 (a flavor of Crystal Reports?) install fails
9972 Catan: sound runs 2x fast then freezes game
10581 swat 3 v2.1 needs some amstream stuff to work
11799 ArcRail demo says "No direct 3d, switching to sw rasterizer" forever
12402 Reversed printing of vertical text using wineps.drv
12970 Unreal media service crashes upon accepting connection
13251 Half Life 2 crash after "load" finish
13795 Babylon 7: dictionary installation fails
14677 Agent ICQ client doesn't start
15145 Icons surrounded by squares Prince of Persia 3D
15429 winhttp doesn't send HTTP auth credentials (affects google chrome)
15500 Can't select options in the menus
16203 Not all entries in Speed Commander GUI are displayed
16485 WMP is unable to play mpeg/mpg files, affects Powerpoint 2007's presentation capabilities
18474 DPP (Digital Photo Professional): Instruments window returns to its starting position (in the center) automatically when the image windows is selected
18608 Trickstyle does not start anymore
19405 [Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition] Game crashing, when exiting
20419 Foxit Reader fails to start on x86_64: "odbc32.dll" failed to initialize
20538 SPlan 7.0 - some elements are printed solid black
20870 Usertracks fail to load in GTA San Andreas
21204 Warcraft 3 disproportionately slow in d3d mode unless RenderTargetLockMode=disabled
21216 Unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.InitializeSRWLock , causes Shattered Horizon - Steam, to crash.
21627 Black surfaces on sims 3 characters
21901 Sonic Riders launcher hangs when trying to remap control keys
22407 Star Wars DroidWorks severe graphical glitch
22506 Russian fiscal declarations application crashes after start
22883 implement dbghelp.SymMatchStringA/W (needed by "Debugging Tools for Windows")
23194 Black background in some apps when Desktop Integration is used
23197 Mathematica Welcome screen has no images
23536 Prince of Persia Warrior Within: Sound does not work even though "Test Sound" works fine in winecfg
23905 sothink: Maximizing completely breaks the window
24095 1c v77 crashes
24371 Microsoft EMET v2 and other tools need apphelp.dll (application shim)
24432 League of Legends standalone client crashes on unimplemented function msvcr80.dll._localtime64_s
24783 WoW 4.x D3D: non-low texture resolution slows the game down
24806 Guilty Gear X2 #Reload crashes on startup
24891 GUNNER2: The game doesn't start
24961 BioEdit errors if datafile is closed
25242 QQ International doesn't work
25388 ChessPlanet crashes during initializing
25423 "38644" - Mandelbulb in 1K intro crashes
25826 msctf:inputprocessor tests fail on clang
25929 VGA Planets 3.5.025 fails to run
25983 Double Sound (Alsa and Pulse)
26150 ElektroManager broken due to mlang.GetGlobalFontLinkObject
26354 Quicken Deluxe 2009 crashes
26355 Webbrowser WM_LBUTTONDOWN message don't work
26427 AutoCAD 2008: AdMigrator.exe crashes
26474 Wineconsole does not always exit when its child exits
26643 Undefined symbols _SSLCopyPeerCertificates on Mac OS X 10.4.11
27173 ACDSee Pro 4 crashes during installation
27194 The Witcher 2: White/coloured screen with UseGLSL=enabled
27239 O.R.B. (Off-World Resource Base): build menu inoperative
27327 Star Fury: unusually long delay when opening the setup screen
27561 Duke Nukem Forever needs native dinput8
27640 notepad and excel do not render hindi typed text properly
27756 F-22 Lightning 3 crashes on mission launch (when using hardware acceleration)
27803 Internet Explorer 9 installer prerequisite check fails due to mismatching ntoskrnl.exe version resource (reported Winver vs. resource version)
27829 Band-in-Box 9 Pro: Regression - corrupted bitmaps
27841 LabVIEW 2010: Installation goes slow
27937 winmm kept busy playing silence after play finishes
28027 μ-law rendering with pauses and repetitions
28175 Kurso de Esperanto 3.2 Lessons don't open and block the application
28212 Sound stops for Crimsonland
28232 Keyboard not working in "Hype - The Time Quest"
28342 Nox shows only a black screen with Opengl renderer
28411 KORG M1 DLE display problem in Browser
28414 Have no sound in Live For Speed S2
28446 Internet Explorer 8 hangs at
28482 Main window in SeeYou displays nothing and doesn't update
28519 WINE cannot be compiled completely outside the source tree
28523 Future Pinball produce a parser error
28559 Quicktime "Upgrade" splash window is all grey
28595 Graphics problems in Starcraft II
28597 winecfg page fault during sound test
28763 Averasell: Only £ key works on keyboard
28765 Columns UI extension for foobar2000 crashes application in Ubuntu 11.10
28782 Arcanum: certain keys not working, videos unskippable
28798 GearoticMotion.exe: Getting NTE_BAD_DATA importing a key
28828 gmail notifier getting unexpected http headers
28829 Internet Explorer 3.02 crashes on viewing personal certificates - unimplemented function wininet.dll.ShowClientAuthCerts
28830 Internet Explorer 3.02 crashes on viewing a site certificate - unimplemented function wininet.dll.ShowX509EncodedCertificate
28837 Internet Explorer 3.02 crashes from unimplemented function wintrust.dll.FindCertsByIssuer
28843 The Polynomial hangs after starting
28854 Videos in VLC only show a black screen unless DirectDrawRenderer is set to GDI
28872 GT Challenge displayed in wrong colors
28873 VBScript causes an assert when a running script
28889 An unknown application fails to show GUI
28894 High cpu usage in a Delphi application
28899 Arcanum: portion of the screen gets corrupted as the mouse pointer passes over it
28902 Crash with MS-Money 95
28903 Oddworld: screen stays frozen with the menu screen
28910 cnet download app never gets past loading screen
28912 Dark Fall crashes immediately after starting
28945 Armored Fist 3 shows only black screen after starting
28952 Explorer++ always highlights text in the address bar
28955 League of Legends installer freezes for a long time when attempting to display an EULA
28956 Internet Explorer 3.02 causes a crash after moving the temporary internet files folder - unimplemented function wininet.dll.RunOnceUrlCache
28961 Native usp10 doesn't work with uniscribe enabled edit control
28979 monochrome bitmap printing problem
28985 colors returned from printer device context are different between windows and wine
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Wine 1.3.31 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.31 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • BiDi text support in the single-line edit control.
  • Support for StretchDIBits and AlphaBlend in the DIB engine.
  • A number of audio fixes.
  • VBScript improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.31:

7333 Where in the World is Carmen San Diego fails to install
8498 builtin msxml3 fails to validate MSN Messenger's xml
10112 BitBlt between 8 bit color index DIBs wrong
10249 ollydbg complains about unexpected debug events from child processes after attaching to the debuggee
10423 Painkiller Single-Player Demo #3: change in shader_glsl_lit() caused white turrets
10910 winealsa and PulseAudio
12071 MSI SQL joins on tables with many rows are extremely slow ("Nero 7 essentials", "NI Multisim 11.x" installer)
12894 kernel32: thread test fails in PC-BSD but not Linux
16549 Chuzzle causes page fault
16822 Mass Effect: Mouse input does not work (almost completely)
17206 alt.binz 0.24.6: Minimize to systray, icon flickers, right click on systray icon, icon menu won't disappear
18140 FastMail: vertical stripes in the fields
19037 CTRL key automatically released?
19370 Secret of Monkey Island audio functioning is dependent on Wine's sample rate
19522 Team Fortress 2 (TF2) missing menu fonts
19558 Many Faces of Go 12 - Stone backgrounds are not transparent
19971 NFS: Undercover crashes upon launch
20554 Populous 3 fails to start
21889 F/A-18E Super Hornet fails to start
22683 Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II weapon is missing
23480 AD-muncher does not install
23658 Acclaim Re-Volt: All transparent objects not displayed correctly (black/blinky)
23911 Mathcad 14: unimplemented function msvcr80.dll._getptd, aborting
24024 CandyWorldSetup.exe from Candy World III: Heart of Heaven Demo show incorrect font
24504 Plants vs Zombies: Game loses sound when restarting game
24957 32-bit Explorer++ shows garbage in the status bar while opening menu bar menus
25163 HTML broken in OpenDiscDVD application
25251 Multi-byte characters handled incorrectly by MSVCRT_isleadbyte()
25291 Galcon Fusion: Music doesn't works with hardware accelerated sound
25774 Crysis demo: water flickering
25971 UPX packed 'Link 7000 Plus' exits silently
25978 Secret of Monkey Island wants msvcp80.dll.?classic@locale@std@@SAABV12@XZ
26074 shell32/brsfolder tests show some valgrind warnings
26087 Notepad++ 5.x: window "Find in files" does not respond
26091 Finale 2010 - lines that are supposed to be dashed are solid
26140 comdlg32/finddlg shows an uninitialized value under valgrind
26187 Need For Speed: Underground crashes with extra effects enabled (blur, people)
26486 Cannot run ArcGIS
26552 Wine sets the resolution incorrectly on widescreen monitors
26572 The 4th Coming: Deadlocks or crashes with "out of GDI object handles" errors
27094 Lord of the Rings Online can't make entry in taskbar
27101 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood needs msvcp90.dll.?
27230 Corel Ventura 10's Installer hangs during setup process. Unable to finish setup.
27261 first build of wine fails with "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwinecrt0"
27331 kernel32.GetLocaleInfoA/W needs to be more strict about invalid LCTYPE values (Dirt3 installer shows language selection with empty strings)
27332 richedit EM_STREAMIN handler needs to return the number of characters read (Dirt3 installer shows error instead of EULA text)
27507 Mount&Blade: Warband: Mouse pointer not shown in menu after entering battle mode
27534 Call of Duty 4 MW: Graphical glitches when shooting
27635 FlyLinkDC: Incorrect display images
27682 Avant Browser needs HTMLDocument_elementFromPoint
27762 EVE Online Singularity build crashes on start due to changes in winsock
27956 Dragon Naturally Speaking: Sound no longer works; sample rates and size is no longer supported
28056 Problems with sound under FreeBSD
28086 Army Builder v3.3b: buttons not clickable
28261 Original War: the user interface appears incorrectly (ddr=opengl)
28291 Heroes III: sound stops and program hangs at exit
28346 Paraworld hangs after playing the intro videos with Opengl renderer
28352 Nightly (x64) needs msvcp90.dll.?
28356 Loki requires msvcp80.dll.?
28395 MAKING HISTORY II: The War of the World Demo wants msvcp90.dll.?
28397 gdi32/bitmap test broken on debian testing and ubuntu 11.04
28399 Kindle for PC needs msvcp90.dll.?
28452 warning: argument to 'sizeof' in 'memcpy' call is the same expression as the source; did you mean to provide an explicit length? [-Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess]
28454 Audacity 1.3 crashes on startup - unimplemented function msvcp90.dll.?
28485 Pegasus Mail version 4.62 crashes on startup (needs GetProcessDEPPolicy stub)
28497 Dawn of War: Soulstorm no longer starts
28500 Fails to parse DIM a statement that is on more than one line.
28548 Messiah demo installer crashes (ddr=opengl)
28551 Adobe Reader X fails to uninstall
28560 Time is 1 hour behind in cmd.exe and notepad (F5)
28569 From Dust installer wants url.dll.OpenURLA
28574 Unimplemented function msvcp80.dll.?begin@?$basic_string@DU? $char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@QAE?AV? $_String_iterator@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@2@XZ
28588 Diner Dash 5 clicking sound during gameplay
28594 mshtml/style.ok crashes when run without DISPLAY
28616 Plants vs Zombies: no music
28617 FlatOut 2 v1.2 crashes on launch (audio related)
28619 Armored Fist 3: distorted audio playback
28624 Unimplemented function msvcp80.dll.?
28625 Sanitarium: intermittent freezing while moving the mouse
28642 Multiple apps crash on start (incl. Office 2007 & 2010)
28644 Uru launcher using up CPU and RAM on startup
28648 unable to run HelpNDoc - A program that helps you create chm files
28662 kernel32/loader test crashes on FreeBSD7/9 (at least)
28679 Corrupt sound in many apps
28684 Incomplete check for Mesa's gl_vendor_string in wined3d_guess_card_vendor.
28700 And Yet It Moves refuses to launch: 'err:seh:raise_exception Exception frame is not in stack limits'
28707 Nightly (x64) needs msvcp90.dll.?
28714 vbscript/run.ok: invalid write in DispatchEx_Release
28720 Kindle for PC needs msvcp90.dll.?
28722 Assassins Creed installer fails with GameuxInstallHelper.AddToGameExplorerW error 0x80040707
28731 Drakensang (The Dark Eye) crashes before reaching the main menu
28732 use-after-free in MONTHCAL_UpdateSize
28733 Rome: Total War segfaults on startup when multisampling enabled
28737 shell32: invalid free in BrsFolderDlgProc in func_brsfolder in "make brsfolder.ok"?
28740 Google Music Manager can't open music player
28742 comctl32/tests/monthcal.ok: Invalid read in MONTHCAL_NotifyDayState() in test_daystate()
28753 AniDB O'Matic shows exception dialog on startup (madcodehook, gcc 4.6.x frame pointer omission in Wine code)
28773 Kindle for PC exposes some heap corruption in msvcp90
28780 VBScript fails to parse hex literals
28791 XSetDashes is being passed 0 as one of the dashes causing a BadValue Error
28794 user32:edit crashes on Mac
28796 ntdll: read buffer overrun in lookup_manifest_file
28811 Invalid read in ScriptBreak()
28812 Uninitialized memory read in ContextualShape_Oriya() in test_ScriptShapeOpenType
28813 usp10/tests: uninitialized stack variable in test_ScriptXtoX

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wine 1.3.30 Released

The Wine development release 1.3.30 is now available.
What's new in this release:
  • DirectSound reimplemented on top of MMDevAPI.
  • Support for StretchBlt in the DIB engine.
  • User interface improvements in HTML help.
  • Some MSXML fixes.
  • Performance improvements in cmd.
  • Various bug fixes.
The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.30:

201 Igowin: masking problem - image is not transparent
4140 Emu48 with HP49 ROM: parts of emulated screen stays black
5180 vb6 ide can't run a simple test case
5181 vb6 can't compile a simple file
5322 Both MSVC6 and MSVB6 installers die very early
5623 GetAsyncKeyState wrong if querying process doesn't have focus
5841 XML database manipulation through ADO nonfunctional (support for MSXML2.XMLPARSER.3.0 -> CLSID {F5078F31-C551-11D3-89B9-0000F81FE221} needed)
6620 ALEPH500 crashes with X11DRV_DIB_DeleteDIBSection
7182 Arabic letters not positioned correctly
7563 neoragex 0.6b does not run
9400 Panzer General III Scorched Earth random hang, threading-related
9454 Panzer General III Scorched Earth hang with seh:setup_exception nested exception
12450 Adobe Acrobat Pro 6 & 7 / Acrobat Reader 6 & 7 -- "Detect and Repair" does nothing (MsiReinstallProduct)
13383 Firefox 3.0rc1 crashes on startup on 64bit Kubuntu 8.04 [dogfood]
13502 BRenBot application fails to start
13564 VeohTV beta login window is improperly drawn
13885 Visio 2003 crash on digit entry or paste
13985 Skype 4 crashes
14118 wine needs its own dxdiag
14316 Elona is really slow
15186 Grand Theft Auto crashes on game engine start
15187 Combos changes in Win16 dialogs not noticed by TopDraw
15218 Microsoft Office 2007: Exiting Groove Manager/Server crashes in kernel32
15258 Program for programming HAM radios exits with 541 error
15760 Wrong window size in QIP
15945 WinSnap can't capture screen.
16216 Arturia Minimoog VST: Interface controls doesn't draw well
16270 ratDVD installer has (non-fatal) crash in winmm/time
16491 Pindersoft DotNet Test hangs when advancing months (monthcal day state/notification data handling)
16590 Audiosurf: Lines not breaking properly
16594 Oberon game launcher does not show the buttons to launch the game.
17068 HDR not correctly rendered (Counter-Strike: Source)
17864 ipstats.c:1427: warning: 'append_udp_row' defined but not used on FreeBSD/OS X
18086 Wine should provide a Tango compliant Icon
18415 MarketMaker Crash during install
18582 DVDFab: changing window focus causes window to shrink and can't bring back properly
18651 Microsoft Reader hangs in full screen mode
18979 Installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express crashes
19196 XIII: no textures and fonts
19310 Rosetta Stone crashes
19645 Lotus 123 97 causes a page fault
19740 Google Earth: "View in Google Maps" doesn't work (dogfood)
19755 Open Watcom 1.8's binw/wcc.exe complains "Not enough memory on exec"
19975 runasdate: child processes do not receive (adjusted) time
19976 runasdate: running without /immediate causes a crash
20009 Scrabble Online failed assertion
20030 game, Taikodom doesn't run
20364 The Dig (from STEAM) doesn't run on Arch Linux x86_64
20462 Unable to uninstall Caesar IV
20565 Emu42: change in StretchBlt causes black display background
20600 City of Heroes crashes when disabling 3D sound in preferences
20688 FIFA 2010: Sound does not work in multiplayer (Internet Game) match
20778 Open Office Writer crash when press on Hebrew letters
20872 Sim City 4 Deluxe: No texture in the minimap while loading a city
20873 SimCity 4 Deluxe crash while loading the game
20966 Everquest 1 crashes on startup
20980 Tiny globe in Google Earth in DirectX mode [dogfood]
21144 cmd missing newline in output?
21409 Progecad 2009 Pro crashes on save - save as
21533 Civilization II 16-bit crashes when showing the main menu.
21647 Random hang in Europa Universalis III
21685 ICQ 7 exits on load
21686 ICQ 7 page fault
21710 MotorM4X menu background image is not shown
21885 uTorrent: inactive toolbar buttons have non-transparent icons
22787 Irfanview: Crashes after clicking on website link
22982 SyncToy help links always lead to the default overview page
23113 winrar 3.93 installer displays garbage instead of licensing agreement
23619 GTA San Andreas doesn't find widescreen video modes
23850 Aliens vs Predator (2010) silently exits during startup, needs IGameExplorer::VerifyAccess (parental controls)
24153 Adobe Audition 3 parts of interface not drawn
24278 Transparent PNG are shown inverted by applications compiled with Lazarus
24297 Google Earth Plugin install via BITS quits with an error message
24859 EnhanceMySe7en: Fails to start
25293 Starcraft II cursor on-game is blank
25448 Filemaker Pro 11 can't be started from Linux main menu icon - Invalid or incorrect link
25524 Hexplore installer complains about not being able to open a tmp file.
25549 Mega Games Pack fails to draw bitmap graphics
25552 winecfg audio test under-run errors
25591 MS Office Pro 2010 Trial: garbled display on ribbon and file tab
25714 All tool buttons in CHM viewer are displayed as printer
25948 explorerframe/nstc tests shows some a leak in comctl32 under valgrind
26009 Adventure games from Kheops Studio have wrong text alignment
26053 urlmon/sec_mgr tests show some invalid writes under valgrind
26601 The Void: audio stutters badly (when using ALSA full hardware acceleration)
26640 Disciples II: sound artifacts during music playback
26816 native msi2 installer exits with status 20, can't get version of mspatcha.dll
27283 can not start IBankWizard.msi installer
27301 Space Empires: Star Fury doesn't display text in-game (orm=backbuffer)
27382 WinRAR 4.x installer crashes when being run from certain filesystems
27449 "pause" command behaviour differs from windows
27540 Typing of the Dead demo: Crashes upon launch when directsound is set to emulation
27542 Iexplore can't open url regression 2
27557 Alice: Madness Returns - Securom Matroschka doesn't work out of the box
27928 Program SIMPLO installer crashes
27981 Ems Mysql manager and Ems Sql Manager do not start anymore wine 1.3.25
27998 IE7 & IE8 have black back ground where page tabs should be and .GIF's no longer render
28024 icy tower: installer wont launch
28094 pwsafe 3.26: login box logo is replaced by a black square
28112 Missing mouse cursor in menus of Atlantis Evolution
28130 CamelSystems Power Post crashes
28255 d3dx9/shader.ok fails with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
28262 mshtml/style.ok crashes when WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
28284 HoverAce: audio becomes distorted then it cuts out during races (Alsa=emulation)
28286 Backyard Baseball 2001 won't start
28294 XPR108258.exe (csf player installer) crash
28348 Age of Empires 2 rendering broken with OpenGL renderer
28351 Hundred Swords demo: Fails to initialize Direct3D
28369 WinRar 3.93 installer crashes after starting
28376 djdecks for DX does not work
28383 secur32/schannel test consistently fails on 32-bit debian testing
28408 vbscript gc test crashes with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
28415 MIDI Broken (in, at least, the program VSTHost)
28449 GnuTLS internal error in wine test case
28466 Copy-Paste bug
28484 .NET Framework 4.0: Crash after extracting files - unimplemented wer.WerReportAddDump
28494 Purple areas in MS Word 2003's horizontal ruler
28499 Enterprise Architect docked window icons fail no longer have a transparent background
28502 Everest Poker and Casino crash when loading through proxy
28517 Pikachu Volleyball stops playing sound effects
28521 Black box around the mouse cursor
28525 Wine doesn't start Dosbox if $PWD = ~/.wine
28526 HTML-Kit 292's small icons have a white background
28534 Igowin: miscolored shadows
28561 crash while installing Vixi Freecorder with mono28/mono210 installed and without gecko-dbg installed
28565 Mask color showing as background in toolbar buttons
28566 winedbg crashes on gdb command remote file get
28567 gdiplus/image.ok crashes on win64
28568 secur32/schannel test often hangs with gnutls 2.12.10-2
28587 League Of Legends client can't retrieve profile information
28591 Guild Wars: the audio track includes loud static bursts while playing the background music
28606 Gnome-screensaver cannot lock screen while runing full-screen games
28610 SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS) should tolerate larger ncm.cbSize values
28630 Crash on start of ahnenblatt

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

CrossOver 10.1.1 and CrossOver Games 10.1.2 released

CodeWeavers has released a maintenance update for CrossOver and CrossOver Games, the change logs with some of the many changes made in the releases are provided below.

Change Log For CrossOver Games

10.1.2 CrossOver Games
  • Added a workaround for a bug in OS X 10.7 Lion. Many games running in a virtual desktop cause a crash. This can be resolved by setting the CX_LEAK_XPLUGIN_SURFACES environment variable.
  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. 10.6.8 generated corrupt icon files which caused occasional Finder crashes. Now we use a different API to generate icon files which bypasses the issue.
  • Changed behavior of group permissions on certain files. Resolves an issue with .docx files on certain file systems.

Change Log For CrossOver

10.1.1 CrossOver
  • Added a workaround for a bug in OS X 10.7 Lion. Many games running in a virtual desktop cause a crash. This can be resolved by setting the CX_LEAK_XPLUGIN_SURFACES environment variable.
  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. 10.6.8 generated corrupt icon files which caused occasional Finder crashes. Now we use a different API to generate icon files which bypasses the issue.
  • Changed behavior of group permissions on certain files. Resolves an issue with .docx files on certain file systems.