Thursday, August 9, 2007

QuickTime 7.1.6 on Linux with Wine

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Anonymous said...

Quicktime won't run in Firefox ??

J said...

Really glad I found your blog. As I have been rebooting to use Windows XP to watch video taken on my Kodak camera.

However, not a happy ending to the story. I got the message "Quicktime requires that your computer is running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

I do have Windows XP on my computer, but I am actually running Suse 10.2

Anonymous said...

I assume you're aware of the fact that mplayer and mplayerplug-in combined can make viewing quicktime movies quite simple natively under linux.

twickline said...

Yes im very aware of mplayer and mplayer-plugin :D

twickline said...

Hello J,

It looks as if you tried to install QuickTime 7.2, version 7.2 is XP or Vista only while 7.1.6 supports windows 2000

You can download Quicktime 7.1.6 from
this link.


Mark said...

Excellent blog. Easy to follow step by step instructions which seem to be absent from every other site dealing with Wine.
I can't wait for your next instalment dealing with Windows Media Player. I have been struggling to get WMP9 installed on my experimental media centre PC. The only reason I need it is to allow me to watch archive stuff from which is DRM protected. I actually got it to install eventually, even though it said it hadn't but it refuses to actually play anything so I am dying to see how you do it.

twickline said...

Hello Mark,

Ive got WMP 9 installed and running, I'm working on a howto that is reproducible, and that's where the trouble starts, its currently not always reproducible.

I hope I have a good enough todo to post in a couple days.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions - I'm trying to set up my kids' computer with a bunch of games, and some of the Jump Start ones require QuickTime. The only problem I'm having is that if you try to move the Wine Desktop window while either QuickTime or a game using it is running, it crashes KDE (I'm running Kubuntu 7.04). Is anyone else having this issue? I guess they'll learn not to touch the window, but it's a bit of a pain having your whole session crash.

Anonymous said...

About WMP9. I have WMP10 intalled and running. See jim burns (AFAIR) posts in for more info. So i would suggest WMP10 guide as next guide after WMP9 guide.

Anonymous said...

Good day,

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't play a game (Cashflow) that needed also quicktime but now with your instructions it runs perfectly.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Haven't managed to get Quicktime running but with this guide it works perfectly!

Haven't tried it at other versions than 7.1.6 yet but am going to.

After you installed QT you can change Wine to not using a virtual desktop if you prefer that.


Anonymous said...

is that Taipei 101?

twickline said...

Yea, it's Taipei 101 :D I'm also a huge fan of super tall skyscrapers. I have a blog about The Burg Dubai. Ive been on vacation for about a month and need to update the Burj blog.. but there are still many great photos about the building on that blog.