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winetricks 20091125 released adds IE 7 support Print
Written by Tom Wickline   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 01:23
Dan Kegel announced a new release of winetricks version 20091125. Below is a copy of the email Dan sent to the wine-devel mailing list. The highlight of this release is the inclusion of the ie7 verb, now with just a couple mouse clicks you can install and have Internet Explorer 7 running on your favorite UNIX Operating System.

New winetricks 20091125: new verbs ie7, alsa, fbo, pbuffer, ...

Pie's in the oven, time for another winetricks release.

Changes in this version:

Add experimental dotnet35 verb
Add IE7 verb. Based on a patch by Hans Leidekker.
Add verbs alsa, audioio, coreaudio, esound, jack, nas, oss to override sound driver
Add verbs backbuffer, fbo, pbuffer for setting offscreen rendering buffer
Don't crash winecfg if native comctl32 is used
Fix gecko to work with wine-1.1.33.
Make vc2003toolkit and psdk2003 verbs run on windows
On cleanup, remove $WINETRICKS_TMP, not just the files in it
Sorted command menu
Update Firefox to 3.5.5
Update mpc to latest version, move the exe to Program Files and add it to %PATH%

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)

Thanks to Austin English, Erik Inge Bolsoe, and Hans Leidekker.

This message posted in gmail (basic mode) in ie7 in wine.


Also Louis Lenders sent a suggestion about fixing a MDAC bug in winetricks..

Could it be possible to "fix" mdac as well?  Because of wine now having a more
or less stubbed oledb32.dll, apps that need mdac don't run properly anymore.
Simple solution is to set oledb32 to native, before the mdac installer is
started, (and leave it to native afterwards) Could that be added to winetricks?     Digg This!     Furl     Google     Seed Newsvine     Reddit     Slashdot     Stumble It!     Technorati     Yahoo MyWeb