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Wineskin 2.0 RC3 has been released 2.0 final coming soon Print
Written by Tom Wickline   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 01:23

I really wanted to make this release, but I named it RC3 instead.

I also put up WS7 based engines, and an engine base for custom builds.  These are identical to WS6 except they should detect and use multiple monitors correctly.

The master wrapper and engines are up in Wineskin Winery.  I’ll be trying to get stand-a-lone installed versions up for download soon, for those that don’t want to use Winery’s downloader for whatever reason.  Manual installs will also let you install any version of anything, not just the latest things available in Wineskin Winery.

If I get no major issues reported to me within the next week, I’ll simple change the version numbers from RC3 to just being normal release.. including Wineskin Winery from RC1 to release... I don’t want to rush something out that may have issues and call it “done”  though I’m sure there will be minor fixes and changes here and there.


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