Monday, January 28, 2008

Wine-Doors ditches IEs4Linux

From Wine-Doors site
We’ve ditched IEs4Linux, our reasons for this are many, mostly we couldn’t pull IE in as a dep, and the bottling arrangement would have made progress slow for us. We’ve used code from the original IEs4Linux script and trimmed it down and involved wine-doors dependencies rather than a full out overwriting of everything. We’ll probably still need to trim the registry down a bit, and we’ll offer another package for “FakeIE” soon so you can skirt around the problem if wine-gecko (the default html engine) won’t.

We’re involving downloads from various sources now, we’re hoping that linking to places like isn’t a bad thing and it’ll get apps like photoshop out there much faster, also we’re driving business for adobe, maybe they’ll notice a sudden increase in CS2 sales…

In other news, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Quake4 have been added to the repos by Andy as reference packs for repackaging loki installers into wine-doors, these use native binaries and just use wine-doors as the conduit, these packages are being improved all the time and we’ll be adding more games like these later, re-adding ET:QW as a native application once we’ve gotten around some mojo-setup issues.

We’re concentrating on packages for now, and we’ll be bringing you updates on the feature set of 0.2 which is now in development.

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